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ISE Controls

Industrial Sales & Engineering offers sensors, safety tools, and motion controls. Product applications include: distance measuring, thickness gauging, part presence, poke yoke, hardware, robotic automation, cylinder positioning, machine guarding, etc.

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P: 317-255-1327
F: 317-255-6990
2070 E 54th, Suite 5
Indianapolis, IN 46220


  • Entry in  Switches • Proximity Switches • Inductive Proximity Switches 

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    ISE supplies inductive proximity switches manufactured by Balluff, Baumer, Contrinex, IDEC, SICK, Softnoze, and Sunx. Their Contrinex brand switches are available in PNP or NPN wiring configurations, flush or raised installation, and varying target profiles that will see all metals types at the same extended range.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Motion Control Distributors 

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    Industrial Sales & Engineering is a distributor of motion control products to control machinery movement. Products include encoders, counters, industrial controls, limit switches, industrial computers and monitors, human machine interfaces (HMI), specialty cables, transducers, connectors, and visual and audible indication.

  • Entry in  Factory Automation • Machine Safety • Light Curtains 

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    Industrial Sales & Engineering distributes safety light curtains manufactures by SICK and Sunx.

  • Entry in  Sensors • Safety Sensors 

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    ISE Controls is a distributor of safety sensor products such as light curtains, interlocks, laser scanners, relays and 3D vision systems. Manufacturers include Pilz, SICK and Euchner.

  • Entry in  Sensors • Safety Sensors • Safety Light Curtains 

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    Industrial Sales & Engineering offers SICK C4000 and Sunx SF4B safety light curtains. Curtains are offered in the following configurations: photoelectric, color, contrast, safety laser, distance measuring, fiber optic amplifier, pressure, etc. SICK C4000 curtains have operating temperatures ranging from 0 to 55°C, Goretex membranes, an IP67 protective housing, and they work well in damp areas with up to 95% humidity. Curtains are constructed from acrylic glass PMMA and stainless steel materials.

  • Entry in  Switches • Proximity Switches • Capacitive Proximity Switches 

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    ISE Controls offers capacitive proximity switches from Balluf, Bauer, SICK, IDEC and SIE. Small capacitive sensors come in sizes of 2mm (smooth barreled) and a 10mm flat disk that is 2.5mm high. Capacitive tape sensors will see through glass or plastic walls up to 4mm thick and are only 4mm high.

  • Entry in  Switches • Proximity Switches 

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    ISE Controls is a source for inductive and capacitive proximity switches. For sensing metals, they offer inductive switches produced by manufacturers like Balluff, Baumer, Contrinex, IDEC, Sick, Softnoz, and Sunx. By contrast, capacitive proximity switches detect object mass in non-metals, clear solids, and even liquids. Brands offering these products through ISE Controls are Balluff, Baumer, IDEC, SICK, and SIE.