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Island Components Group Inc

Island Components, located in New York, is a designer and manufacturer of small electromechanical servo-actuators and rotating components for precision motion applications in the aerospace, defense and industrial industries.

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  • ►  Motors • Stepper Motors 

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    A brushless, synchronous motor that is controlled by coils and utilized for a variety of applications.

    Island Components provides numerous motor designs including stepper motors. Variety of precision motor types includes DC brush type & brush-less, AC 50, 60, 400 & 800Hz, synchronous, specialty split-field & shunt motors, converter-driven, induction, hysteresis and universal. Feedback sensors include encoders, tachometers or brakes. Standard motors feature a diameter range from 0.75"  (size 8) to 1.75" (size 18) while other motors can be accommodated with a diameter range from ½-inch-(size 5) to 9".

  • ►  Motors • Servo Motors 

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    Classified as a small, brushless motor, servo motors feature a built-in speed control device.

    Servo motors from Island Components are available in AC or DC configurations including brushless DC motors. Servomotors from Island Components come in many model types and sizes for a variety of industrial applications.

  • ►  Motors • Electric Motors 

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    Electric motors turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, by using magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors.

    Island Components produce brushless DC motors for high performance functions  and precision motors including a variety of electric motors. Brushless DC motors feature high speeds up to 20,000 rpm or even 150,000 for special designs and high power output up to 10 HP. These brushless DC motors are offered in a size range of 1.375" to 3.25" diameter and 7/16" to 20" diameter for special designs. Standard line of precision motors feature a size range from 0.75" to 1.75" diameter and even 1/2" to 9" diameter for special designs. Variety of precision motors include AC (50, 60, 400 & 800Hz), brushless & brush type DC, shunt & specialty split-field motors, converter-driven, servomotors, induction, stepper, synchronous, inertial damped servo motors, hysteresis and universal motors.

  • ►  Motors • Brushless Motors 

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    A type of synchronous electric motor, a brushless DC motor is powered by direct-current electricity.

    Island Components designs and manufactures brushless DC motors from 1.375" to 3.25" in diameter. The company's brushless motors are designed for use in high performance applications, high power applications, industrial applications, and integrated assembly applications. The high performance-application motors feature a high speed capability of up to 20,000 rpm.

  • ►  Motors • DC Motors 

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    Popular types of DC motors are the brushed and brushless types which create an oscillating AC current from a DC source.

    Island Components offers brushless DC motors in sizes from 1.375" to 3.25" in diameter standard, and they can also produce custom motors from 7/16" to 20" in diameter. Their motors feature high torque-to-inertia ratios with a high speed capability up to 20,000rpm standard, or custom designs up to 150,000rpm. These motors are for high power applications with continuous torque capabilities up to 10hp.

  • ►  Motors • Hysteresis Motors 

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    Hysteresis motors are used in applications requiring exact speed and rotation with a very small amount of fast variations in speed.

    Island Components offers hysteresis synchronous motors for military and commercial requirements. All motors are enhanced through the use of optimization software and controllers.

  • ►  Motors • Motor Controllers 

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    Motion controllers are used to govern the manner in which an electric motor operates. Motor controllers may be automatic or manual.

    Island Components offers brushless motor controllers and Hall sensor controllers. Hall sensor controllers use Hall Effect sensors as a transducer that will vary its output voltage to changes in magnetic field density.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Rotary Actuators 

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    Island Components Group provides aerospace-approved small rotary actuators for flight control, position, radar antenna, and other high reliability system applications. The rotary actuators are available with right angle drives, spur and planetary gear drives, harmonic drives, eddy current dampers, and planetary hingeline actuation systems. The company also supplies actuator components.

  • ►  Motors • Induction Motors 

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    Induction motors are alternating current motors that use power supplied to the rotor via electromagnetic induction.

    Island Components Group offers AC induction motors. Their standard motor line is from size 8 (0.75" diameter) to size 18 (1.75" diameter).

  • ►  Motors • Synchronous Motors 

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    Powered by rotor spun coils passing magnets at the same rate as the AC current causing a magnetic field that provides drive.

    Island Components Group offers synchronous and hysteresis motors for military and commercial applications. These motors can drive generators and provide substantial amounts of horsepower.

  • ►  Motors • High Speed Motors 

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    Motors that operate at a higher than average RPM and can maintain high speeds over prolonged periods of operation.

    Island Components is a manufacturer of high speed brushless DC motors that capable of speeds up to 20,000 rpm (up to 150,000 rpm for custom motors) and feature high torque-to-inertia ratios, high power densities, and high operating efficiencies. Motors are available from 1.375" to 3.25" diameter (they can produce from 7/16” diameter to 20” diameter), and torque capabilities up to 10 hp.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Clutches & Brakes • Electromagnetic Clutches 

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    Island Components Group, Inc. offers precision brakes and clutches in a variety of configurations, including: precision, hysteresis, silent stop failsafe (Series SBF), and industrial type (open frame). Silent stop failsafe brakes (Series SBF) have the following features: multiple mounting options, a low-noise output, constructed from asbestos-free materials, diameters ranging from 1.38" to 3.12", a silent stopping design, etc. These brakes have applications for fertilizer dispersion, irrigation, film drives, copiers, printers, machine tools, etc.

  • ►  Motors • Aerospace Motors 

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    Aerospace motors are rugged, long-lasting, high-performance motors used for a variety of applications, including: targeting systems, ground vehicles, satellites, etc.

    Island Components Group, Inc. offers precision motors and motor generators for the military and aerospace industries. Motor types offered include: hysteresis, universal, synchronous, induction, specialty split-field, shunt, converter-driven, DC brush-type, brushless, etc. These motors come in diameters ranging from 1/2" to 9".