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Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc.

Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc. concrete equipment distributor. Product selection includes valves, actuators, bulk tanker blowers, concrete batch plants, concrete mixers, continuous mixers, conveyor accessories, hoses, fittings, level indicators, hopper car unloading systems, moisture probes and vibrators as well as a variety of other related equipment.

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5314 Palmero Court
Buford, GA 30518

Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc. Entries

  • ►  Switches • Safety Switches • Emergency Stop Switches 

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    Emergency stop switches have a variety of applications in situations were potentially dangers must be prevented by quickly ending certain operations.

    Jamieson Equipment Co. distributes emergency safety stop switches and emergency mini-safety stop switches manufactured by Conveyor Components Company. The miniature switches are single or double ended with NEMA ratings of 4. The standard switches are available as one or two switch types, with explosion proof options.

  • ►  Valves • Pneumatic Valves 

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    Pneumatic valves are used in a variety of applications including high speed combustion engines including high performance race engines.

    Jamieson Equipment Company carries a broad selection of pneumatic valves.  DelTech butterfly valves are available in Series 50 (wafer body) and Series 52 (lug body), full cut or under cut, and several sizes, as are the Bray butterfly valves. The DelTorq pneumatic actuator Series 20 is a pneumatically-operated, quarter-turn rotary, dual rack and pinion design actuator that complies to ISO 9001:2000, while the Bray pneumatic actuator comes in Series 92 double acting and Series 93 spring return, in sizes 48 up to 255. In addition, the company offers WAM butterfly valves in single or double flanged models, as well as WAM actuators, which are suitable for a 90-degree opening and closing of WAM butterfly valves 4" to 16", at operating pressures of 29 to 116 psi. Finally, they sell a variety of air-actuated solenoid valves, such as the SK-200 Series, Valvair II Series, and Valvair Sprint Series.

  • ►  Valves • Butterfly Valves 

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    Similar to ball valves, butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that allow for quick fluid flow.

    JEC is a distributor of Bray butterfly valves. Series 30 wafer body types come in full cut and under cut versions. Sizes range from 2 in./50 mm to 20 in./500 mm. Dimension A ranges from 3.69 to 23.25 and they come with four holes. Series 31 lug body butterfly valves come in full cut and under cut versions as well.

  • ►  Valves • Wafer Valves 

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    Two way valve that can be opened or close to block fluid passage. Types of wafer valves include disc, check and butterfly valves.

    Jamieson Equipment Co. Inc. supplies wafer-style butterfly valves manufactured by Bray and DelTech Controls LLC. Both valve brands are available in sizes from 2" to 20", and can be full cut or under cut types.

  • ►  Valves • Pinch Valves 

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    Pinch valves are comprised of a fully ported or full bored design using a pinching effect to obstruct media flow in cement, chemical and waste water applications.

    Jamieson Equipment Co. Inc. distributes pinch valves manufactured by WAM Group Inc.. Featuring an operating pressure of 4 bar, the valves are used primarily to arrest product flow in pneumatic conveying lines, including powders, granules, fibers and liquids. The valves have control pressure of maximum 6 bar, and maximum differential pressure of 1.5 to 2 bar depending on sleeve properties.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Flexible Shafts 

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    Flexible shafts are devices for transmission of rotary motion between two non-fixed objects.

    Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc. is a supplier of flexible shafts for concrete vibrators. Flexible shaft cores are available with or without casings.

  • ►  Gaskets • Seals • Rotary Shaft Seals 

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    Jamieson Equipment Co., Inc. offers Air Mizer permanent shaft seals for bulk solid, slurry, liquid, and powder sealing applications. These seals protect vessels from contamination and the atmosphere from leaking emissions. They come in the following configurations: food grade, CEMA seal, USDA certified, and smooth bore.