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Kistler Instrument Corp

Kistler Instrument Corporation is a distributor of precision measurement tools.  Kistler's product offerings include pressure/force/torque transducers, pressure/force/torque sensors, and a variety of accelerometers.  Kistler products are used in engine development, improving product quality in manufacturing, analyzing physical processes, automotive engineering, plastics/metal processing, installation technology, biomechanics, etc.

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  • ►  Sensors • Force Sensors 

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    Used in a wide array of applications for detecting precise forces in many industries.

    Kistler Instrument Corp. provides piezoelectric force sensors that are robust and overload-proof, and capable of resolving small changes in force. Sensor types include: single component force sensors (tension/compression force or shear force), multi-component force sensors, and dynamometers.

  • ►  Sensors • Vibration Sensors 

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    Used to detect and measure vibrations as well as tilt, shock, and acceleration for a wide array of applications.

    Kistler develops vibration sensors - including miniature and highly sensitive models - that can be used at extremes of the measurement range. The sensors are available as piezotron, charge output, capacitive, acoustic emission, impulse and piezoresistive types.

  • ►  Sensors • Piezoelectric Sensors 

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    Used to measure pressure, strain or other forces by converting them into an electric charge.

    Kistler Instrument Corp. manufactures piezoelectric force sensors and piezoelectric reaction torque sensors. The force sensors are robust and overload-proof, and are capable of resolving small changes in force with high preload. The torque sensors are used for measuring minute fluctuations in torque with a high degree of overload resistance.

  • ►  Sensors • Torque Sensors 

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    A torque sensor or torque transducer or torquemeter is meant for measuring and recording the torque on a rotating system.

    Kistler offers a variety of piezoelectric and strain gauge torque sensor systems. Piezoelectric sensor systems include fixed/rotating dynamometers, as well as fixed sensor systems. Kistler also offers a rotating strain gauge sensors. Kistler torque sensors are versatile, well suited for R&D, quality assurance, metrology and data collection.

  • ►  Sensors • Pressure Sensors • Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors 

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    Kistler Instrument Corp. offers Modulare piezoresistive pressure sensors in differential version Type 4264. Sensors have a measuring range of 0-10 bar, an operating temperature range from -55 to 125°C, and a voltage range from 5-15 V. Applications include: R&D, engine test, road test, component test, and general test applications. Kistler supports the automotive, aerospace, and industrial markets.