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Founded in 1970, LinTech designs, engineers and manufactures positioning components and systems for use in linear motion control applications. Markets served include aerospace, energy, fiber optics, food processing, automotive, machine tool, medical, oil, packaging, paper and pulp, semiconductor, solar and textile.

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  • ►  Bearings • Linear Bearings 

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    There are many different types of linear motion bearings and which can be broken down into either rolling-element or plane bearing varieties.

    LinTech is a manufacturer of round rail linear bearings. Types of linear bearings include super self-aligning closed and open inch, standard all steel closed and open inch, super self-aligning closed and open metric (Asian style), and super self-aligning closed and open metric (European style).

  • ►  Motion Control • Positioning Tables 

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    Used for a linear motion applications with features including direct-drive air bearing, mechanical bearing deisng and worm-gear-driven mechanical bearings.

    Lintech manufactures a variety of mechanical motion control products, including multi-axis positioning tables in modular X-Y and X-Y-Z systems, custom multi-axis configurations, and X-Y water jet cutting, X-Y inspection station, and heavy machine assembly tables.

  • ►  Motion Control • Linear Shafting 

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    Shafting is a linear drive component that is critical for motion transfer in motion control systems and machinery.

    LinTech is a manufacturer of linear shafting products Which are cut to length, pre-drilled and cut to length or metric cut to length.

  • ►  Motion Control • Ball & Lead Screws 

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    Ball screws are mechanical devices that translate rotational motion to linear motion while maintaining a low level of friction.

    LinTech designs and manufactures positioning components and systems for use in a wide range of Linear Motion Control applications. Positioning components consist of precision linear shafting, shaft supports, shaft assemblies, linear bearings, pillow blocks, carriage assemblies, and ball screw assemblies. Ball screw assemblies are offered in 3 different product groups - Rolled (RS series), Precision (PS series) and Ground (GS series).

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Ball Screw Actuators 

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    LinTech is a manufacturer of ball screw assemblies in a variety of metric and standard sizes. The LinTech PS062 series features complete ball screw assembly with end supports, precisions screw style, screw lengths up to 73 inches and English and metric mounting options.

  • ►  Motion Control • Stages • XY Stages & Tables 

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    LinTech designs and builds custom assemblies and positioning system types including modular (XY) multi-axis, open frame X-Y water jet cutting, X-Y open frame, X-Y machine assembly, X-Y laser marking, X-Y infrared inspection, X-Y vision inspection, and X-Y laser cutting.

  • ►  Motion Control • Positioning Tables • Screw Driven Positioning Tables 

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    LinTech offers screw driven linear slides in a wide range of configurations, including: small load capacity, small screw driven square rail, high speed screw driven round rail, large load capacity, low table height, etc. 150 Series linear positioning slides feature top speeds up to 1270 mm/sec, travel ranges from 6 to 60, load capacities up to 3,800 lbs, and acme/ball screw drive types. These slides utilize a low friction, recirculating, preloaded ball bearing system, which ride on precision ground square rails.

  • ►  Motion Control • Positioning Tables • Rotary Positioning Tables 

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    LinTech offers 300 Series low cost and 400 Series large load rotary positioning tables. 300 Series low cost rotary tables have worm gear drive types, load capacities to 200 lbs, speeds to 0.66 rps, and breakaway torques to 20 oz-in. These tables feature angular contact bearings, aluminum components, threaded steel inserts, NEMA 23/24 sized motors, and 0.75" through holes.

  • ►  Bearings • Linear Bearings • Linear Slides 

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    LinTech offers screw driven linear slides in a variety of configurations. 90 Series high speed screw driven linear tables have 8" widths, 2.93" heights, travel ranges from 6 to 60", top speeds greater than 50 in/sec, and greater than 0.01 friction coefficient ratings. These tables are constructed with recirculating, preloaded, low friction bearing systems, and they feature aluminum carriages fitted with threaded/stainless steel inserts.