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  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment 

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    Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

    Loynds sells both new and used confectionery equipment including candy and chocolate processing, wrapping and ancillary equipment. Lollipop are produced in a ball lollipop line or flat lollipop line. Candy machinery includes cut and pillow pack machine, sugar pulling machine, coating/polishing pans, cut and twist wrap machines, cut and fold machine, candy depositing machinge, hollow gum ball line, batch roller, rope sizer, drop roller machine and candy cane line. Chocolate machinery includes chocolate refiner conches, one shot moulding machine/line, chocolate enrobing and cooling line, chocolate pumps, chocolate tanks, easter egg spinning machine and ball mills. Confectionery cookers includes candy cookers and continuous twin pot hard candy cooking line. They also offer machinery for wrapping and packaging of lollipops, candys and etc.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment 

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    Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment

    Loynds International Ltd supplies new and used machinery for the candy and chocolate industry. For the candy industry, Loynds supplies its Loypack CP1000 stainless steel coating pangs to coat products with sugar or chocoloate with a three phase motor and gearbox. For the chocolate industry, Loynds supplies the Loypack Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel in widths from 200 to 1200 mm. The enrobing systems is built with stainless steel construction and features  adjustable flow double chocolate curtain, adjustable blower system for the removal of excess chocolate, vibration , variable speed detailer bar to remove chocolate tail, heated cabinet, water jacketed enrober tank with self contained heating system and control, stainless steel mesh conveyor belt, variable in speed from 0-7 metres per minute, and a removable pull out sump.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Cutting Equipment 

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    Cutting Equipment

    Loynds provides new and used confectionery machine for chocolate and candy and also specifically supplies cutting and wrapping machines in styles of pillow-pack, twist wrap and fold wrap. The Loypack Pillow pack style cut and wrap machine is a small compact machine that forms round, square and oblong shaped pieces with nipper knives as they move along a transport conveyor; it produces lengths of 20 to 40mm, widths of 15 to 20mm and heights of 7 to 12 mm as well as specific configurations for bars up to 100 mm.  Ideal for soft candy, hard candy and gum products with a double twist wrap style, the Loypack CTW500 cut and twist wrapping machine operates at a speed of 500 wraps per minute with an optical print registration unit. The Loypack C&F500 cut and fold wrap  is similar to the Loypack CTW500 but produces soft candy, hard candy and gum products in a fold wrap style.