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Magnatrol Valve Corp.

Magnatrol Valve, Corp. is a manufacturer of high quality 2 way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves for use in fluid process control applications in industries such as chemical, power, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, water & waste, metal, textile, food, paper & pulp, marine and general industry.

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    Stainless Steel Solenoid Valves

    Magnatrol Valve manufactures a line of industrial solenoid valves including stainless steel solenoid valves for process control applications. The company's stainless steel valves are available with 1/4 inch to 3 inch pipe sizes, and up to 500 psig.

  • ►  Valves • Acid Resistant Valves 

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    Corrosion resisant valves used in applications where acid is present.

    Magnatrol Valve Corp. manufactures 2-way bronze and stainless steel industrial solenoid valves that are resistant to corrosive fluids and acids. The valves are used in process control applications, and are available in sizes from 1/4" to 3" - and up to 500 psig. The acid resistant valves are also available in normally close or normally open configurations.

  • ►  Valves • Cryogenic Valves 

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    Used to process, store and transport cryogenic fluids and gasses including nitrogen, argon and liquid natural gas.

    Magnatrol Valve Corp. manufactures cryogenic solenoid valves, including bronze normally closed and normally open, and stainless steel internal pilot operated valves. The normally closed and normally open cryogenic valves are available with maximum differential pressures of 150 psi and 500 psi, and pipe sizes of 3/8" to 3/4" or 1/2" to 3". The stainless steel cryogenic valves feature maximum differential pressure up to 500 psi.

  • ►  Valves • Solenoid Valves 

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    Often valves are classified according to how they are actuated, which is the case for solenoid valve

    Magnatrol Valve Corporation manufactures an extensive line of industrial solenoid valves in 2 way, bronze and stainless steel designs, as well as normally closed and normally open configurations. Solenoid valves are offered in a size range from 1/4 to 3 inches with up to 500 psig. Other solenoid valves include pilot tap, flanged ends, din connector,  leak/dead tight, hum free, watertight/explosion proof solenoids, NEMA 4X and nickel plating.

  • ►  Valves • Automatic & Automated Valves 

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    Many valve varieties come in automated and automatic configurations to control the flow of liquids and slurries at a predetermined flow rate.

    Magnatrol Valves Inc. manufactures automated cryogenic bronze solenoid valves and cryogenic stainless steel solenoid valves. Both valve types handle various cryogenic fluids including liquid oxygen (-297 F), liquid argon (-303 F), and liquid nitrogen (-320 F). All the valves require no differential pressure to open and are available as normally closed or normally open.

  • ►  Valves • Pilot Valves 

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    Pilot valves are high pressure control valves commonly used in critical applications and can be set as push to activate or as a dead man's style switch.

    Magnatrol Valve Corp. is a manufacturer of 2-way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves. Pilot operated valves offered include Typse "S" full poty normally closed types in 1/2" to 3" sizes featuring inconel stem pin, copper AC shading coil, glass filled teflon orifice seal, maximum static pressure rating of 200 psi and maximum operationg fluid temperatur of 400°F.

  • ►  Valves • Gas Valves 

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    Gas valves are utilized for regulating, stopping, or starting gas flows in a variety of heating applications.

    Magnatrol Valve Corp. offers Type L full port and Type M bronze solenoid valves. Type L full port solenoid valves can handle static pressures up to 300 PSI, fluid temperatures up to 400°F, differential pressures up to 500 PSI, and holding Amps ranging from 0.4 to 2.0. These valves come in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3", and they are constructed from the following materials: inconel, copper, glass filled Teflon, 304/430 stainless steel, bronze, etc. Applications include: steam, cryogenic fluids, hot gases, hot liquids, etc.

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    Magnatrol Valve Corp. offers Type LR full port/bronze solenoid, Type L full port/bronze solenoid, and Type K full port/SS solenoid valves. Type LR full port/bronze normally open solenoid valves are available in pipe sizes ranging from 1/2" to 3", Watt ratings ranging from 18 to 45 DC, and differential pressure ratings ranging from 50 to 500 PSI. These valves feature static pressures up to 300 PSI and fluid temperatures ranging from -320 to 400°F.