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Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div.

Moog, founded over 50 years ago, offers motion control technology from commercial aircraft cockpits, to power-generation turbines, to Formula One racing, to medical infusion systems. Markets served include aircraft, automotive, defense, energy, industrial machinery, marine, medical, motorsport, music, navigation aids, security and space.

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Moog, Inc., Industrial Controls Div. Entries

  • ►  Aerospace • Actuators 

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    Used to put a load in motion or apply a force. Types include pneumatic, micro-mirror and more.

    Moog Components manufactures flight control and utility actuation systems for civil and military aircraft. The company's line of products includes flight control actuators, engine control actuators, vibration control actuators, and utility actuators. The primary flight control actuators are available in simplex, dual, triplex, and quad redundant designs, while the secondary flight control actuators are capable of electrohydraulic, electrohydrostatic, and electromechanical actuation.

  • ►  Motors • Linear Motors • Linear Servo Motors 

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    Moog is a manufacturer of a variety of industrial motion control equipment including linear servo motors. Moog tubular linear motors offer an advantage over current technology in weight, size, maintenance costs, environmental considerations, precision, speed, control, programmability, reliability and noise.

  • ►  Motors • Servo Motors 

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    Classified as a small, brushless motor, servo motors feature a built-in speed control device.

    Moog manufactures electronically commutated synchronous AC servomotors with permanent magnet field excitation. They are specifically designed for highly dynamic servo industrial applications where positioning times of 30 msec or less are normal. The Fastact G Series offers wide power ranges at continuous stall torque ratings from 0.15 to 77 Nm (1.3 to 681 lb-in). Moog's Fastact J-Series servomotor is designed to offer more dynamics and higher performance in a variety of industrial applications. The Fastact T/F/W Series comes in a wide array of models and sizes available at continuous stall torque ratings from 0.6 to 710 Nm (5.3 to 6284 lb-in) with natural, fan or liquid cooling.

  • ►  Motors • Electric Motors 

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    Electric motors turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, by using magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors.

    Moog designs and supplies electric motors including brush and brushless fractional horsepower DC motors, and brushless servomotors. The company's DC motors are used in the industrial, aerospace and military applications. The servomotors are electronically commutated, synchronous AC motors, which are designed for industrial applications that require positioning times of 30msec or less.

  • ►  Motors • Brushless Motors 

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    A type of synchronous electric motor, a brushless DC motor is powered by direct-current electricity.

    Moog offers a selection of brushless motors such as brushless torque motors, gearmotors, outside brushless DC motors, and toroidally wound DC brushless motors. Linear brushless motors feature integral bearings, compact size, 1180 lb peak force, >180 in / sec, 40 G acceleration, and strokes up to 24 inches. Outside brushless DC motors feature length range from 1.1 to 2.4 inches, rated torque range from 4.0 to 76.0 oz-in, rated speed up to 7443 rpm and 4 and/or 8 poles. The Silencer series of brushless motors feature diameter range from 1.2 inches to 4.1 inches, length range from 1.3 inches to 5.5 inches, continuous torque range from 2.4 to 519 oz-in and speeds up to 40,000 rpm. Toroidally wound DC brushless motors feature ripple free torque, constant torque sensitivity, slotless stator core, rare earth magnets, and encapsulated windings.

  • ►  Motors • DC Motors 

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    Popular types of DC motors are the brushed and brushless types which create an oscillating AC current from a DC source.

    Moog sells fractional horsepower DC motors and brushless servomotors. Their brushed DC motors including miniature high torque models, range rated from 5.8 to 14.0 VDC and range rated power from 9.6 to 22.2 watts, with speed output of 1643 to 3000rpm, weighing only 6.8oz with a 13 bar commutator and up to 1274 oz-in peak starting torque. They also offer permanent magnet dc motors.

  • ►  Switches • Solenoids 

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    Solenoids use an electromechanical solenoid to turn high power circuits on and off in hydraulic machinery, control actuators and other industrial equipment.

    Moog designs and manufactures solenoids for use in a wide variety of industries including automotive and aerospace applications. Moog offers a variety of linear electromechanical actuated solenoids as well as linear solenoids and rotary solenoids. The linear solenoids are available in pull or push configurations and feature a combination of high-flux magnetic metals and dry lubricants to provide more power. Moog's rotary solenoids are used widely in the commercial airline industry.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Directional Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Directional Control Hydraulic Valves

    Moog Components Group designs and supplies cartridge valves and servo-cartridge valves designed for directional flow control. The company's standard cartridge valves are mounted in a manifold block and are available in sizes 16 to 160. The servo cartridge valves feature flow rates up to 6100 l/min (1600 GPM) and a 12 ms step response time at 100 percent stroke.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Rotary Actuators 

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    Moog Flo-Tork Inc. designs pneumatic rotary actuators, naval rotary hinge actuators, and hydraulic rotary actuators. The rotary hinge actuators are used for applications that require high torque in a compact package; while the hydraulic rotary actuators are used for industrial applications that require 900 to 600,000 lb-in. or 600,000 lb-in. to 50 million lb-in. of torque. The pneumatic rotary actuators are provide industrial automation solutions.

  • ►  Pumps • Piston Pumps 

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    Piston pumps are positive displacement pumps used to move liquids or compress gasses.

    Moog Inc. designs and supplies radial piston pumps available in sizes 19, 32, 45, 63, 80, 100 and 140 cc per revolution. The pump's design permits continuous pressure to 4,000 psi with a 5,000 psi peak limit. Explosion-proof and digital control versions of the piston pumps are available.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves 

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    Hydraulic valves including proportional control valves, direction valves, cartridge valves and more.

    Moog offers a variety of valves, including cartridge, servo-cartridge, servo-proportional, electro-hydraulic servo, etc. Electro-hydraulic servo-valves and servo-proportional valves are meant for continuous use in both industrial and aerospace applications. Cartridge valves, otherwise known as slip-in logic elements, are used for directional, pressure, check, and flow control applications.

  • ►  Motors • Servo Motors • Brushless Servo Motors 

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    Moog Components manufactures four series of servo motors including explosion proof servomotors with continuous stall torque from 0.6-25 Nm and peak torque up to 60 M. The 600 VDC brushless servo motors are for highly dynamic industrial applications, while another series of servo motors are designed for applications where positioning times of 30 mSec or less are not the norm. The company also distributes a servo motor for accurate axis control within industrial automation applications.

  • ►  Motors • DC Motors • Brush DC Motors 

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    Moog Components offers a variety of DC brush motors. D-1125-A-4 brush torque motors have peak torque ratings of 6.6 oz-in, 4 poles, voltages up to 26.4 V, and 1.91 amps at peak torque. Other product features include: plated magnet assemblies, special magnetic material alloy, a stable high temperature encapsulation, a molded brush block assembly, a double insulated magnetic wire, etc. These motors have the following applications: space/vacuum instruments, missile seeker systems, cockpit instrumentation, fire control radars, stabilized gun/fire control systems, gimbals for FLIR, etc. Moog also offers PMDC servomotors, optical encoders, and gearmotors.