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Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc.

Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. offers motion controllers, linear/rotary actuators/stages, motor drivers, motors, solenoid electronics, power supplies, joysticks, trackballs, operator interface terminals, and switch selectors. Optimal Engineering serves a variety of industries, including: aerospace, astronomy, chemical, communications, educational institutes, university, government, medical, metrology, motion control, etc.

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P: 818-222-9200
P: 888-777-1826
F: 818-436-0446
6901 Woodley Avenue
Van Nuys, CA


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    Optimal Engineering Systems, Inc. (OES) is a manufacturer of motion control products. The company's product line includes motion control systems, drive electronics, modules and controller cards. Offers Stepper Motor Control Cards, Motion Controller and Motor Driver Cards, and Integrated Motion Controller and Motor Drivers.

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    OES has linear unregulated power supplies, each coming with a transformer and rectifier card, with a maximum available current of 10A, power from 80 to 480watts, and input voltages of 115VAC and 230VAC at 50 to 60Hz.