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Panduit Corp.

Panduit Corp. offers a variety of interconnect products for the transportation, government, finance, and education industries. Product line includes: wireless systems, tool kits, power connectors, cabinets, racks, cable management, fiber optic systems, copper systems, outlet systems, physical infrastructure management, etc.

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  • ►  Connectors • Electrical/Electronic Connectors 

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    Electronic connectors are used for a wide variety of industrial applications including I/O, PCB, display connections and more.

    Power and Grounding Electrical Connectors: Copper Code/Flex Conductors, Lugs, Splices, Taps, Reducing, Aluminum, Black Tongue, 1-2 Hole, Long & Standard Barrel Lug, Window Lug, Butt & Parallel Splice. Terminal connectors are also available.

  • ►  Connectors • Fiber Optic Connectors 

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    Fiber optic connectors are used for optical cross connections, patching panels, connecting test equipment and more.

    Panduit Corp. provides fiber optic systems that feature LC fiber optic connectors, SC fiber optic connectors, and ST fiber optic connectors for single mode and multi-mode applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Conduit & Raceways • Cable Trays and Systems 

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    Cable Trays and Systems

    PANDUIT provides a complete line of zone cabling products for open office architecture applications, telecommunication enclosures, data centers, wireless deployments and network integration of Building Automation Systems. Each zone cabling product serves as a main distribution point for a particular zone increasing network flexibility, manageability, accessibility, and efficiency. Zone Cabling is used to help solve telecommunication room congestion. Products include in-ceiling, wall mounts, in-floor, and enclosures.

  • ►  Electrical • Conduit & Raceways • Raceways 

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    Panduit is a manufacturer of metal and non-metal surface raceway systems.  These raceways offer flexibility for routing, protecting and concealing high performance copper, voice, video, fiber-optic and electrical wiring.  In addition, Panduit's surface raceways provide the fittings that are designed to maintain proper bend radius control, channel capacity and separation in applications requiring both data cabling and power wiring.   These products are tamper resistant, offering increased safety benefits, discourages unauthorized access, protects sensitive cabling from accidental damage, and physical contact with electrical wiring.

  • ►  Electrical • Conduit & Raceways • Wiring Ducts 

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    Wiring Ducts

    Panduit manufactures wiring ducts for wire management, helping rout and conceal wiring in control panels. A Panduit wiring duct comes available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, and is able to meet the wire capacity needs and space constraints of the smallest wall mounted panels to the largest integrated turnkey systems.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Fiber Optic Connectors 

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    Fiber Optic Connectors

    Manufacturers of fiber optic connector types: Duplex Jack Modules, Duplex Fiber Optic Plugs - Pre-Polished Crimp, Field Polish, Keyed. LC, SC, ST Fiber Optic Connectors. Connectors fit fiber cable sizes 1.6-2mm, 3mm, 900µm, and others. Fiber optic cable assemblies available.

  • ►  Electrical • Tools • Cable Tie Tools 

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    Cable Tie Tools

    Panduit's cable tie tools install standard, heavy-standard, light-heavy and heavy cross section cable ties. Qualified product listed per Mil. Std. MS90387-2 and Mil. Spec. MIL-T-81306A. Tool controlled tension provides flush cut-off and is easy to change tension adjustment and easy to operate.