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Parker Hannifin Corp.

Parker Hannifin is a diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, including valves, filters, pumps, O-rings, fittings, cylinders, hoses and motors. All in all, Parker has over 80 divisions that manufacture everything from aircraft parts to vane pumps.

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  • ►  Valves • Ball Valves 

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    There are an array of different type of ball valves available from the manufacturers below.

    Parker Hannifin makes MV-6 manual ball valves for use in high purity semiconductor industry as well as ultra-pure water or aggresive chemicals, with pressure ranges of 25” HG vacuum to 0 to 120 PSIG (8.3 bar) and a temperature range from -60 to 176F for ambient uses or -60F to 400F for fluid uses.

  • ►  Valves • Check Valves 

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    Check valves are used for automatically limiting fluid flow in a piping system to a single direction

    Parker manufactures and offers five series' of check valves. The CF Series feature pressure ratings of 3000 PSIG (207 Bar). The C Series are available in six sizes with port sizes from 1/8 inch up to one inch. Their CB Series check valves offer pressure ratings of 3000 PSIG (207 Bar) to 6000 PSIG (414 Bar), and inlet sizes of 1/16" to 3/4". The CO Series are designed for demanding leak integrity applications.

  • ►  Valves • Pressure Valves 

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    Variations of a valve, pressure regulators or pressure reducing valves decrease pressure.

    Parker manufactures medium pressure valves/filters in the following configurations: LPRA Series relief, MPB Series ball, MPBV Series bleed, MPC Series check, MPF Series filter, MPGV Series needle, MPN Series needle, and MPR series relief.

  • ►  Valves • Solenoid Valves 

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    Often valves are classified according to how they are actuated, which is the case for solenoid valve

    Parker manufactures the VA01 Series solenoid valve for centralized vacuum systems. Their FSV Series flow sensing valves assist in maintaining an acceptable vacuum level in the vacuum system if vacuum cup does not make a proper seal. Their CH Series check valves are used to hold a degree of vacuum when the vacuum generator is turned off.

  • ►  Motors • Stepper Motors 

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    A brushless, synchronous motor that is controlled by coils and utilized for a variety of applications.

    Parker Hannifin produces stepper drives and motors in various configurations. Motors with 700-1300 oz-in include TS stepper motors in 34 and 42 frame sizes as well as LV and HV step motors in five frame sizes from 11 through 34. Motors with over 1300 oz-in include TS stepper motors in 34 and 42 frame sizes with high performance and compatibility with GT and ZETA drives at 120 VAC. Motors up to 700 oz-in includes TS stepper motors, ES, ZETA and S stepper motors, integral E micro-stepping motors, LV and HV step motors. Mature motors includes OS stepper motors or loc cost motors in a 23 frame. Retired motors includes L series micro-stepping linear motors with forces up to 20 pounds and VS stepper motors in frame sizes of 17, 23 and 34.

  • ►  Motors • Servo Motors 

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    Classified as a small, brushless motor, servo motors feature a built-in speed control device.

    Parker servo motors come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit a broad array of applications. Their Max Plus Linear Servo Motors feature continuous force up to 325 lbs/1446N and peak force up to 1620 lbs/760N. The SL Series Brushless Linear Servo Motors are a single row magnet bar type.

  • ►  Motors • Electric Motors 

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    Electric motors turn electrical energy into mechanical energy, by using magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a variety of electric motors used for a number of motion control-related applications. The company's line of industrial electric motor types includes: AC servo, DC brush servo, direct drive torque, radial piston, linear servo, high speed, vane and spur gear hydraulic, low speed -high torque and vane air.

  • ►  Valves • Ball Valves • Plastic Ball Valves 

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    Plastic Ball Valves

    Parker makes PFA and PTFE ball valves, with PTFE wetted construction and HDPE, PVDF, and PVC non-wetted construction, with a 25 degree HG vacuum to 0 - 120 PSIG, and ambient temperature ranges from -60F to 176F and fluid temperature ranges from -60 to 400F.

  • ►  Valves • Ball Valves • High Pressure Ball Valves 

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    High Pressure Ball Valves

    Parker Hannifin manufactures and distributes a number of valve types including high pressure control ball valves. The company supplies valves through its various brand names including: Colorflow, Apitech, Denison, Commercial, IQAN, Gresen, Manatrol, Schrader Bellows, Manapak, Republic, Skinner, Sinclair Collins, Sporlan and Sterling.

  • ►  Valves • Pressure Valves • Control/Relief Valves 

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    Control/Relief Valves

    Parker produces medium pressure valves in various configurations and stainless steel body materials. Pressure relief valves include the LPRA medium pressure valves in three models and the MPR series of relief valves. The MPR relief valves are offered in 1/4, 1/2, 9/16 and 3/4 inch sizes with pressure rating as 3705, 7800, 15000, and 20000 psig.

  • ►  Sensors • Pressure Sensors 

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    Measure, monitor and control pressure, typically of gases or liquids and also act as a transducer,

    Parker Hannifin offers a range for pressure sensors including electronic sensors. Versatile pressure sensors feature a 0 to 30 inch HG vacuum pressure, -14.7 to 72.5 PSI pressure, 2 NPN or PNP sensor outputs and swtich point and high low programming. Color panel mount pressure sensors are suited for air and non-corrosive gases. Compact pressure sensors feature 1 open and 1 closed NPN or PNP sensors outputs and an analog output. The MPS 7 display, multi-pressure sensor features on display with output programming for 5 to 8 analog sensors, analog signal conversion and compatibility to 1 to 4 remote sensors. Genius pressure sensors feature a 4 wire system, automatic timer function, and I/O elimiation. High pressure sensors feature stainless steel or ceramic diaphragms, 2 PNP open sensor outputs, and 4 or 5 pin micor connectors.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Gearheads & Gearboxes 

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    Use a rotating power source to another device using gear rations. When transmission have multiple gear rations, the gearbox switches the gears.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a variety of gearheds including in-line gearheads and right-angle gear heads in a variety of gear ratios up to 100:1. Other features include helical, planetary and spur gear teeth and a wide selection of frame sizes for a broad range of uses.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves 

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    Hydraulic valves including proportional control valves, direction valves, cartridge valves and more.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures hydraulic valves in three families: electrohydraulic valves, industrial valves, and mobile valves. The first family includes proportional directional control valves, proportional pressure valves, servovalves, and other electrohydraulic accessories. The industrial valve family includes ball, check, and needle valves, in addition to directional control, flow control, pressure control, and proportional valves. Available mobile valves are ball valves, check valves, directional control valves, needle valves, pressure control valves, proportional valves, and lanyard valves.

  • ►  Motion Control • Controllers • Ethernet Controllers 

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    Ethernet Controllers

    Parker provides ETHERNET Powerlink, a high-speed, digital motion-bus product that connects a motion controller to multiple drives and I/O points using standard Ethernet networking hardware. THe EPL motion controller is capable of generating motion trajectories for all axes, and synchronizing positions of multiple axes.

  • ►  Motion Control • Drives 

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    Motion control drives change the motion controller's control signal into a voltage or high powered electrical current that is then passed to the actuator.

    Parker manufactures servo and stepper drives, including microstepping drives with input power of 120 VAC, 24-48 VDC and 12-42 VDC. Parker servo drives are offered in models from up to 500 Watts, 500-1000 W, 1000-7500 W and over 7500 Watts. The Gemini GV is one of these servo drives and provides six power ranges for up to 11.8 kW of continuous power.

  • ►  Motion Control • Motion Control Systems 

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    Systems that use some type of hydraulic pump, linear actuator or actuator to control position or velocity of other components.

    Parker Hannifin offers motion control systems with custom mechanical design, software development, electrical design, and system integration for applications such as semiconductors, solar panels, flat panel inspection and repair, aerospace, and life sciences.

  • ►  Motion Control • Gantry Systems 

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    Gantry systems are motion control machines that can guide components along multiple axis with tracks that run in multiple directions.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a variety of motion control gantry robots including multi-axis systems and integrated control electronics systems as well as a full line of standard configuration gantry systems with max loads up to 100lbs.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • Industrial Computers • Industrial Computer 

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    PArker CTC offers a variety of industrial PCs and HMI products as well as industrial monitors and software. The HPC HMI Power Station Family features panel mount touchscreen technology and split system PCs, high performance processors and Intel extreme graphics. Screen sizes include 10", 15" and 17".

  • ►  Motion Control • Positioning Tables 

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    Used for a linear motion applications with features including direct-drive air bearing, mechanical bearing deisng and worm-gear-driven mechanical bearings.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a variety of motion and control system solutions, including several models of manual and motorized positioning tables from rotary to multi-axis configurations.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • HMI • Human Machine Interface 

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    Parker manufactures HMI operator panels that feature easily programmable operating systems with multiple language options. Models are available with either mono or color screens in a 5.6" screen size. Other features include LED indicator lights, recipe memory up to 32kB, numeric keypad, real time clock, even list and printer port.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • Ethernet Controllers 

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    Ethernet Controllers

    Parker manufactures the Ethernet Powerlink MotionBus systems for high-speed, digital motion-bus solutions for connecting a motion controller to multiple drives and I/O points using standard Ethernet networking hardware. This creates a centralized, real time communications for motion control & automation.

  • ►  Motors • Linear Motors 

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    A linear motor (linear induction motor) is an AC electric motor with an unrolled stator so to produce a linear force along its length.

    Parker Hannifin provides an array of linear servo motors for a range of job requirements. The 400LXR Table Series offers 5G max acceleration, 1,148 kg max load, and 2,650 N peak force, as well as RoHS compliance and sealed design. I-FORCE ironless motors come in 4 product series with up to 6 different coil lengths. Its I-beam shaped coil provides high force density and thermal efficiency. Ironcore motors include the I-FORCE Series, with acceleration to 6 Gs and speed to 5 m/s, and the 2,348 N continuous force RIPPED Series for high force applications.

  • ►  Valves • Check Valves • Stop Check Valves 

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    Stop Check Valves

    Parker Hannifin's line of industrial check and isolation valves includes models like their CK-2D dual position gas powered suction stop check valves and their CK-6D dual position gas powered suction stop check valves. These heavy duty gas-powered valves are suitable for ammonia, R-22, and other refrigerants, certain oils and other fluids approved for use in refrigeration.

  • ►  Valves • Check Valves • Spring Check Valves 

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    Spring Check Valves

    Parker Hannifin produces copper, spring check valves used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to maintain flow in only one direction. Spring check valves are available in connections of 3/8 ID inches to 1-1/8 ID inches, and are used with dryers or stainers, compressors, or in system lines to redirect flow to another circuit.

  • ►  Valves • Check Valves • Inline Check Valves 

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    Inline Check Valves

    Parker Hannifin offers a full line of in-line check valves that are designed for use in semiconductor, ultra-pure water and aggressive chemical or gas applications. These in-line check valves utilize machined PTFE components to provide superior chemical resistance and purity without requiring o-rings for sealing.

  • ►  Pumps • Diaphragm Pumps • Miniature Diaphragm Pumps 

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    Parker Hannifin manufactures micro and miniature diaphragm pumps that feature flows up to 2.5 L/min, 12 L/min, and 650 mL/min. The pumps are offered with brush and brushless DC motor drives, and are used for air sampling, laboratory, and medical instrumentation applications.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Linear Actuators 

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    Linear Actuators

    Parker Hannifin manufactures and offers pneumatic linear actuators and electric linear actuators available as rod-style or rodless. The actuators are used in solar panel actuation, semiconductor fabrication, heavy-duty mobile equipment, and factory automation applications.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Pneumatic Actuators 

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    Pnuematic Actuators

    Parker Hannifin manufactures NFPA and ISO pneumatic linear actuators (rod-style and rodless) and pneumatic rotary actuators available in vane and rack and pinion styles. The pneumatic actuators are used in applications including solar panel actuation, semiconductor fabrication, heavy-duty mobile equipment, and factory automation.

  • ►  Valves • Thermostatic Valves 

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    Thermostatic valves are used for automatic temperature control in liquid cooling systems.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a line of stainless steel, thermostatic expansion valves used in small chillers, heat pump units, air conditioning units, freezers, walk-in boxes, refrigerated cases and mobile refrigeration applications. The valves also feature an extended ODF solder connection and balanced port design.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Directional Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Directional Control Hydraulic Valves

    Parker Hannifin manufactures a family of industrial hydraulic directional control valves including: cartridge, manifold-mounted, unidirectional, plug and solenoid valves. The company also produces a 4-way, 3 position directional control valve that features a closed or floating center spool.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Proportional Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Proportional Control Hydraulic Valves

    Parker Hannifin manufactures hydraulic proportional directional control valves and proportional pressure control valves. Both types of proportional valves feature response up to 300 Hz, are offered with or without on-board control electronics, and are available as standard, medium and high performance valves.

  • ►  Aerospace • Valves 

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    Valves are used to regulate, direct or control the flow of a variety of gases and fluids. Valve types include ball, check, butterfly, hydraulic and more.

    Parker is a manufacturer of valves for aircraft, aerospace, military and marine applications. Types include hydraulic, pneumatic, electrohydraulic servo, fuel activated, fuel breakaway, single shut-off, solenoid, ball, needle, waste drain, and more.

  • ►  Motors • Linear Motors • Linear Servo Motors 

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    Parker Hannifin is a manufacturer of a wide array of motion control systems and components including linear servomotors like the I-Force Ironless series as well as a full line of ironcore models, slotless motors and more. I-Force Ironless motors are designed for maximum efficiency, and available in cross section sizes ranging from 2.05" x 0.82" up to 4.50" x 2.00".

  • ►  Motors • DC Motors 

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    Popular types of DC motors are the brushed and brushless types which create an oscillating AC current from a DC source.

    Parker makes DC servo motors, such as their AXEM series, from 0.1 to 20Nm in torque, with no commutation limits due to its iron-free rotor, low speed modulation with its high number of commutator segments, high dynamics due to very low rotor inertia, and is maintenance free. They also make the RS series, from 0.05 to 13Nm in torque, with a four pole design and IP 40 to 55 protection, with optional holding brake, tachometer, incremental encoder, or resolver.

  • ►  Pumps • Hydraulic Pumps 

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    Hydraulic pumps are built for use in hydraulic drive systems and are used as gear pumps, gerotor pumps screw pumps and more.

    Parker offers variable displacement, fixed displacement, and power unit hydraulic pumps. Model PV/PVT variable displacement unit pumps come in sizes ranging from 16 to 41 CC, and they have the following controls options: volume stop, remote pressure compensation, horse power limiting, load sensing, etc. These pumps can handle pressures up to 3600 PSI and speeds ranging from 2800 to 3000 RPM.

  • ►  Valves • Ball Valves • Three Way Ball Valves 

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    3 Way Ball Valves

    Parker supplies a number of valve types utilized in hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration, and aerospace applications. The company's stock of valve products includes 3-way ball valves that are manual, motor-actuated, or solenoid operated.

  • ►  Valves • Ball Valves • Stainless Steel Ball Valves 

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    Stainless Steel Ball Valves

    Parker manufactures five series of stainless steel ball valves capable of performing at various pressures including 1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 psig. One of the company's ball valve models can operate at pressures ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 psig. Depending on model, the ball valves are available with inline, angle, three-way, two-way inline, two-way bi-directional, and two-way configurations.

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors 

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    Used to convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular rotation. Interchangeable with hydraulic pumps.

    Parker manufactures orbit-type, low speed/high torque hydraulic motors, including high speed, medium frame LSHT, integral brake, Nichols LSHT, large frame LSHT, mechanical brake and small frame LSHT motors. The company's integral brake hydraulic motors feature 12 displacements ranging from 140 to 959 cm3/rev, maximum speed of 660 rpm, and maximum continuous torque of 1044 Nm.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • HMI • HMI/SCADA Software 

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    Parker's Interact HMI is a modular HMI software solution that delivers a full range of HMI functionality for all of a facilities floor machine control needs. Interact offers expanded trending, recipe storing and reporting functions as well as an easy to use interface with Windows compatibility.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Computer Automation • Industrial Computers • Embedded and Single Board 

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    Parker CTC offers embedded HMI stations measuring from 5" up to 15", available with PC/104 and parallel port support as well as larger models when ISA/PCI cards, function keys, or hard drives are required.

  • ►  Factory Automation • Automated Production Equipment • Pharmaceutical Automation Equipment 

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    Pharmaceutical Automation Equipment

    Parker brings fluid and motion control solutions together for life sciences applications. From highly integrated automation systems to miniature solenoid valves, Parker develops market-driven tools that help OEM's get their products to market faster and lower their overall cost of ownership. Products include cooling equipment, motion control systems, sealing solutions, miniature valves and pumps, smart syringe equipment and filtration products.

  • ►  Motors • Gear Motors • Planetary Gear Motors 

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    Planetary Gear Motors

    Parker's PV Series planetary gearbox features a wide combination of competitive output faces and high radial load capacities. These planetary gearboxes are available in four metric/NEMA frame sizes and a variety of ratios. Backlash (arc minutes) ranges from <3, <4, <10, <14 and <18. Continuous torque is available from 3 to 60 Nm, 5 to 1808 Nm, 18 to 158 Nm, 11 to 1808 Nm, and 7 to 45 NM.

  • ►  Valves • Shut-off Valves 

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    Shut-off valves are used to close a line and stop flow of materials. Shut-off valves can be manual or automated to operated at a preset condition.

    Parker manufactures six series of needle type shut-off valves used in liquid and gaseous applications. The company's NP6 series shut-off valves are capable of working at system pressures up to 6,000 psi, and at temperatures up to 700F. These shut-off valves can accommodate tubing ranging from 1/8" to pipe sizes up to 1/4".

  • ►  Valves • Gate Valves • Sliding Gate Valves 

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    Sliding Gate Valves

    Parker are manufacturers of sliding seal directional control valves. Using CAD you can configure 2D/3D bleed valves, hand/cam operated valves, and button operated valves. Specs include 4-way/2 & 3 position, 3-way/2 position, 1/8" and 1/4" ports, 0.54 to 1.25 Cv, operating pressure of 26" Hg (vacuum) to 200 PSIG (air only), and operating temperature of 40 to 212 F.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators 

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    Mechanical devices that introduce motion. Types include pneumatic actuators, hydraulic actuators, linear actuators and piezoelectric actuators.

    Parker manufactures linear and rotary actuators for pneumatic, electric and hydraulic systems with both ball screw and belt drives. Construction ranges from compact light duty aluminum air and motorized electric actuators, to heavy duty hydraulic designs. Pneumatic and hydraulic rotary press types are offered in vane style, and also rack and pinion versions.

  • ►  Valves • Pneumatic Valves 

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    Pneumatic valves are used in a variety of applications including high speed combustion engines including high performance race engines.

    Parker Hannifin offers a variety of pneumatic valves, including electropneumatic and fieldbus, inline, lanyard, manual/mechanical, and other types of valves. The electromechanical and fieldbus options include the Isys Series and the Moduflex Miniature Electro-Pneumatic Valve System, as well as a programmable air regulator valve and modular valve stacking systems. There are also a variety of inline valves with different Cvs (0.75 to 7.0) for applications such as food and beverage processing, household and personal care packaging, etc. Additionally, the company manufactures ball valves, flow control valves, and needle valves in several different materials and styles.

  • ►  Pumps • Gear Pumps 

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    Used to pump fluid via displacement. Gear pumps are frequently used to pump viscous chemicals.

    Parker Hannifin manufactures aluminum and cast iron gear pumps. The company's Gerotor series of aluminum gear pumps feature high pressure mechanical seals for applications to 1000 psi back pressure, and shaft speeds up to 3500 RPM. The cast iron dump gear pumps deliver a flow range for most applications at 1800 RPM/2000 psi.

  • ►  Motors • Explosion Proof Motors 

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    Explosion-proof motors are designed for a use in applications where hazardous fumes or dust may be present  to prevent damage to equipment.

    The SSD Drive Division of Parker Hannifin manufactures explosion proof servo motors. These AC motors are offered with IP64 or IP65; 35mm, 46mm, 60mm, and 77.5mm frames; 230, 400, and 480 VAC rated windings; 2000 to 8000 RPM; 1.75 to 35 Nm torque ratings; and UL Version Class 1, Division I, Group C and D.

  • ►  Valves • Acid Resistant Valves 

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    Corrosion resisant valves used in applications where acid is present.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. designs and manufactures acid resistant thermoplastic ball valves for chemical production, water, industrial water treatment, plating and metal treatment, pulp and paper, refinishing, and power plant applications. The valves feature pressures up to 222 psig, a true union design, bubble tight shutoff, and PTFE and EPDM or FPM seals.

  • ►  Valves • Thermostatic Valves 

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    Thermostatic valves are used for automatic temperature control in liquid cooling systems.

    The Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin manufactures 27 series of refrigeration thermostatic expansion valves. The division also produces service parts for thermostatic expansion valves.

  • ►  Switches • Pressure Switches • Hydraulic Pressure Switches 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. manufactures Oildyne-brand hydraulic pressure switches rated for 15 amps at 125, 250, or 460 VAC. Available with normally open or normally close contacts, 1/2" pipe conduit, and a pressure range up to 3000 psi.

  • ►  Valves • Plug Valves 

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    Plug valves are comprised of conically-tapered or cylindrical plugs rotated inside the valve body control media flow though the valve.

    Parker Hannifin Corp.'s PR series rotary plug valves feature a blow-out resistant seat design that allows forward flow throttling. Manufactured from ASTM A 479 stainless steel and ASTM B 16 copper alloy bar stock, the plug valves are available with CPI, A-LOK compression, and female and male NPT port connections.

  • ►  Valves • Poppet Valves 

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    Poppet valves (mushroom valves) generally operate on differential pressure for applications including tire valves as well as internal combustion and steam engines.

    Parker Hannifin Corp.'s cartridge poppet check valves allow free flow in one direction while preventing flow in the reverse direction. These valves feature low pressure drop capability for systems up to 420 bar, and aredesigned for minimal leakage of less than 3 drops per minute. The company's 2:1 flow path cartridge poppet check valves feature side to nose design and all zinc-plated external parts.



  • ►  Pumps • Refrigeration Pumps 

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    Refrigeration pumps are generally designed as seal-less or hermetically sealed canned motor pumps.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. manufactures hermetic industrial refrigerant pumps used to deliver liquid refrigerant to evaporators at saturated conditions.

  • ►  Tubing • Stainless Steel Tubing • 316 Stainless Steel Tubing 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. supplies EO Tube-brand 316/316L stainless steel tubing in 6m lengths. The seamless tubing meets ASTM A269 specifications, are and available with outside diameters of 1/2" to 3/8", and wall thickness of 0.035" to 0.083".

  • ►  Valves • Hand Operated Valves 

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    Hand operated valves are engaged through a manual mechanism such as a lever, wheel or handle as opposed to actuation or motor control.

    Parker are manufacturers of hand operated PFA/PTFE valves. Types available include slurry, 1" diaphragm, 1/2" 2-way diaphragm, 1/2" 3-way diaphragm, and 1/4" diaphragm manually operated valves.

  • ►  Pumps • Miniature Pumps 

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    Micro and miniature pumps are small, typically low-intensity, pumps that are usually manufactured for OEM applications.

    Parker Hannifan manufactures miniature diaphragm pumps for air and gas. There are six series' of miniature pumps to choose from. Voltages range from 6 to 24 VDC, flow rates up to 12 L/min, pressures to 30 psig, and vacuum up to 25 in Hg.

  • ►  Motors • High Speed Motors 

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    Motors that operate at a higher than average RPM and can maintain high speeds over prolonged periods of operation.

    Parker is a manufacturer of high speed motors. Types include their MGV Series for test benches, their NV Series high speed servo motors, and vane and spindle designs. The MGV Series features up to 45,000 rpm, power up to 230 kW, flange (B5) or foot (B3) mounting, and a 400 VAC supply voltage. The NV Series are 0.7 - 12 kW high speed servomotors.

  • ►  Motors • High Torque Motors • Low Speed, High Torque Motors 

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    Motors with high toque that typically run at slow speeds. Applications include metals, pulp and paper, cement, lifts, marine, food and feed, oil, amusement park, and automotive.

    Baldor are manufacturers of TMW-TMA low speed, high torque motors. The TMW Series features 1200 to 22 000 Nm of high torque and are specifically designed for low speed operation for extruders and injection molding machines, winders, mixers, crushers, presses, etc. These are permanent magnet synchronous motors.

  • ►  Valves • Petrochemical Valves 

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    Petroleum and fuel-handling valves as well as valves used at chemical and petrochemical plants in reactor emergency shut off, compressor kick-back and suction check functions.

    Parker offers KV Process Controls special custom process pilot valves for petrochemical, power generation, nuclear, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, railway and fire fighting applications. Types include redundant solenoid, latching, manual reset, high flow, quick exhaust, and 5/3 double solenoid center off or exhaust valves.

  • ►  Tubing • Stainless Steel Tubing 

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    Stainless steel tubing is fabricated in a wide variety of styles and alloys for a multitude of applications, most commonly fluid conveyance.

    TP316/316L stainless steel tubing manufactured by Parker Hannifin is available in 6 meter lengths, with outside diameters ranging from 1/2" to 1" and wall thickness from 0.035" to 0.083".

  • ►  Gaskets • O-Rings • EPDM O-Rings 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. is a manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems for a variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. EPDM o-rings feature operational temperature ranges from -70 to 250°F.

  • ►  Gaskets • O-Rings • Metric O-Rings 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. manufactures European O-rings including standard O-rings available with inside diameters of 0.74 mm to 29.87 mm and widths of 1.02 mm to 1.78 mm. The O-rings are used for sealing applications and as light-duty mechanical drive belts.

  • ►  Gaskets • O-Rings 

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    O-rings are elastomer loops used as a gasketing device designed to be set in a groove and compressed to create a seal.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. is a manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems for a wide variety of commercial, mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.  O-ring products offered include those made of materials such as silicone, ethylene acrylate, hydrogenated nitrile, fluorocarbon, butyl rubber and others.

  • ►  Gaskets • Seals • Metal Seals 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers metal seals with load, springback and outer sealing layered ductility/hardness, as well as bonded electroplating onto load bearing substrates. The metal seals have chemical compatibility and high temperature/pressure capabilities due to many jacket/plating materials.

  • ►  Valves • Miniature Valves 

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    Miniature valves are any style or type of valve manufactured for small scale application.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offer miniature solenoid, proportional, multimedia, and ISYS micro valves. Miniature solenoid valves come in both classic and universal style configurations. The minimum valve width is 8mm, and the maximum is 15.88mm. Maximum pressure range is 0-100psig. Proportional valves come in thermally compensated, non-thermally compensated, and OEM systems configurations. Proportional valves come with a 15.88mm valve width and have a maximum pressure range of 0-150psig. Multimedia valves come in inert isolation PTFE valve, isolation valve, general purpose valve, extreme performance, benchtop/rack-mount solenoid valve controller, and OEM system configurations. Multimedia valves have a maximum orifice size of 0.116" and a maximum pressure of 1250psig. ISYS micro valves come in 25 pin D-sub connection, Moduflex Fieldbus, and Isysnet Fieldbus configurations.

  • ►  Valves • Miniature Valves • Miniature Ball Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers miniature ball valves for use in confined and hard to reach applications. These ball valves have a chrome plated, brass extruded body that allows for extended service life. Valves have PTFE seats and Viton seals. These valves are available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" sizes. Ball valves are intended for general purpose use.

  • ►  Valves • Miniature Valves • Miniature Pneumatic Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin have miniature pneumatic PFTE diaphragm valves, designed for semiconductor, pure-water and corrosive chemical systems. The valves are available for 2 and 3 way operation, for low-flow and small-dose injection systems.

  • ►  Valves • Miniature Valves • Miniature Pressure Relief Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers ISYS micro valves for a variety of applications, including automated assembly, process control, alternative energy systems, packaging, semiconductor, fixturing systems, dairy systems and water treatment systems. Available configurations include: 25 Pin D-sub Connections for smaller machines, Moduflex Fieldbus for larger machines, and Isysnet Fieldbus for large, complex machines.

  • ►  Valves • Miniature Valves • Miniature Gas Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin has a variety of miniature solenoid and proportional gas valves. Proportional gas valves include thermally and non-thermally compensated, 15.88mm size, two-way designs and open and closed systems. Solenoid valves are available in 8mm and 10mm, 2- and 3-way universal styles. Classic solenoid valves are available in 2- and 3-way, 15.88m designs.

  • ►  Switches • Pneumatic Switches 

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    Switches for pneumatic applications come in several types, including vacuum switches and pressure swtiches.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. distributes Global Sensors-brand pneumatic switches that feature a range of 9mm, and rating of 10-30V AC/DC maximum 500 mA.

  • ►  Tubing • Stainless Steel Tubing • Metric Stainless Steel Tubing 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. distributes EO Tube-brand metric stainless steel tubing available as seamless or cold drawn. The tubing meets DIN EN 10305-1 specifications and is available in 6 m lengths. With rating up to 735 bar static, the tubing is available with outside diameters of 4 mm to 44.5 mm, and wall thicknesses of 1 mm to 4 mm.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Belt Drive Actuators 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers LR series linear roller, HTR/HZR series vertical, and ER series electric rodless actuators. LR series linear rollers offer carriage loads of up to 753 lbs, numerous mounting configurations, and standard lengths of 6 meters. HTR/HZR series vertical actuators are backlash/maintenance free, have a maximum load of 600 kg, and a maximum long stroke of 2500 mm. The ER series electric rodless actuators come in three profile sizes (32 mm, 50 mm, and 80 mm), and have a maximum load of 1375 kg. Other products offered by Parker Hannifin include: ERV Series electric rodless value series, HLE-RB, HLE-RB spliced, HLE-SR, HLE-Z rack and pinion drive, HPF friction drive, HPLA, and LCB series linear actuators.

  • ►  Motion Control • Motors • Spindle Motors 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers spindle motors in a variety of configurations, including: NV high speed servomotors, HV spindle servomotors, SKW frameless spindle servomotors, HKW electrospindle servomotors, and customized spindle motors. Power ranges are available up to 230 kW, and speed ranges are available up to 50,000 RPM. Applications include: machining centers, lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.

  • ►  Sensors • Pressure Sensors • Low Pressure Sensors 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers MPS-2 versatile pressure sensors. Sensors have a low pressure range from -14.7 to 72.5 PSI, and a vacuum pressure range from  0 to -30" Hg. Sensors are IP65 rated and CE marked, and have an output response time of less than 2.0 milliseconds.

  • ►  Valves • Pressure Valves • Stainless Steel High Pressure Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers automatic stainless steel pressure relief valves rated from 3705 psi to 20,000 psi to with inlet sizes from 1/4" to 3/4" and 1/2"  FNPT outlets. Inlet connection options include medium pressure inverted compression, MPI tube stub, MNPT and high pressure cone thread. Seals are available in materials such as Buna-N rubber, fluorocarbon rubber, ethylene propylene rubber and highly fluorinated fluorocarbon rubber.

  • ►  Valves • Pneumatic Valves • Poppet Pneumatic Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers pneumatically directionally controlled poppet valves in normally closed configuration with 2 position ported body styles with sizes ranging from 1" to 8".

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Spool Hydraulic Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers MO Series manual spool valves. Valves have a wide range of features, including: 1/4" to 1" NPTF ports, interchangeable operators, specially compounded O-rings, a corrosion resistant body, dual mounting brackets, interchangeable end sections, a floating stem, etc. Valves are constructed from stainless steel, bronze, and chrome plated materials.

  • ►  Valves • Hydraulic Valves • Flow Control Hydraulic Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers Flow Control and Mobile Flow Control hydraulic valves in the following configurations: flow divers, combiners, integrated fittings, DIN slip-in flow control, manifold mounted, unidirectional mobile, etc. FM double flow control valves have large bypass checks, two-step needles, steel bodies, flow controls, flow rates up to 90 GPM, and pressure ratings up to 5000 PSI. CV Series check valves are available in sizes 1/4" to 1", they have pressure ratings up to 3000 PSI, a two-piece body design, and flow capacities up to 100 GPM.

  • ►  Valves • Pneumatic Valves • Pneumatic Needle Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers a variety of needle pneumatic valves, including: female pipe ends, male pipe ends, compression ends, flare ends, and flare/pipe ends. Valves come in sizes ranging from 1/8" to 3/8", they have design ratings up to 150 PSI, and they allow temperatures ranging from -45 to 250°F. Other needle valve configurations offered by Parker Hannifin include: piercing humidifier clamp kit, poly-tite/pipe ends, humidifier, angle compression/pipe, etc.

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors • Hydraulic Vane Motors 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers medium and heavy duty vane motors. These motors have the following features: displacement ranges from 9 to 222 cm3/rev, low noise, a high starting torque, bi-rotational technology, integrated valves, internal/external drains, low mechanical losses, UNC or metric threads, etc.

  • ►  Valves • Pressure Valves • Control/Relief Valves • Air Control/Relief Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers Subbase & Manifold, Stacking, Manual/Mechanical, In-Line, and Direct Acting. These valves have flows ranging from 0.18 to 12.0, pressure ranges from VAC-100 to VAC-232 PSIG, and port sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1-1/2. Mounting options include manifold, subbase, stacking, inline, bar manifold, and single subbase. They have 2-3 positions in pressure center, center exhaust, and all ports blocked configurations. Parker Hannifin also offers Fieldbus valves and accessories.

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors • Hydraulic Gear Motors 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers 09 Series hydraulic gear motors. These motors have static slip ratings up to 1,000 PSI, torques up to 65 in-lbs, speeds to 25,000 RPM, and pressures to 5,000 PSI. Motors feature a bi-directional rotation, multiple shaft options, and they can be flange or face mounted.

  • ►  Aerospace • Aerospace EMI/RFI Shielding 

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    These specialized conductive seals are key elements in creating stealth or low-observable systems.

    Parker EMI shielding gaskets are used in communications equipment, radar, aircraft, spacecraft and telecommunications. Products include elastomer, extruded elastomer, foam-based and metal gaskets; cable shielding; conductive adhesives, grounding tabs, tapes and paints; and more.

  • ►  Fasteners • Washers • Sealing Washers 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. manufactures copper washers and bonded seals. These bonded seals come in nominal sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1" BSPP, OD sizes ranging from 0.81" to 1.69", and thicknesses ranging from 0.08" to 0.10". They are constructed from Viton, stainless steel, and fluoroelastomer materials.

  • ►  Valves • Needle Valves • Plastic Needle Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers MV-13 Series needle valves for gas and chemical applications. These valves feature molded PFA stems/bodies, precision machined sealing areas, PTFE ferrules for leak-tight sealing, and stem stops for safe operations. They come in fluid temperature ranges from 0 to 266°F, pressure ranges ranging from 7 to 913 mbar, sizes ranging from 1/8" to 1/2", and orifice diameters ranging from 0.063" to 0.125".

  • ►  Aerospace • Valves • Fuel Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. is a manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems. Products available include fuel valves for aerospace applications. Aero fuel valves feature sizes ranging from 1.5" to 5" in diameter, double acting actuator piston assembly, manual lock out, visual position indication and electrohydraulic servo.

  • ►  Aerospace • Valves • Servo Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers electrohydraulic servo-valves for controlling force, position, and velocity in a wide range of aerospace applications, including: engine control, auto-brake modules, missiles, launch vehicles, unmanned air vehicles, helicopters, military fighters, etc. These servo-valves feature dry torque motors, wide dynamic ranges, servo-controlled second stages, null bias stability, and low sensitivity to shock/vibration. They are reliable, stable, low maintenance, and contamination-resistant.

  • ►  Aerospace • Valves • Hydraulic Valves 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers electrohydraulic aerospace valves for maintaining force, velocity, and position in motion control applications.

  • ►  Motion Control • Slides • Crossed Roller Slides 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers crossed roller slides for the promotion of exact, low friction, linear motion. These slides have the following features: 0.00008" straight-line accuracies, travel ranges up to 300mm, precision ground mounting surfaces, non re-circulating bearing styles, and higher normal/moment load capacities.

  • ►  Motors • Aerospace Motors 

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    Aerospace motors are rugged, long-lasting, high-performance motors used for a variety of applications, including: targeting systems, ground vehicles, satellites, etc.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers hydraulic motors for the following applications: military ground vehicles, space vehicles, general aviation aircraft, military aircraft, motor-pump packages for power transfer units, flight controls for flap drives, etc. These motors are capable of handling speeds up to 15,000 RPM, torques rated up to 135 Nm, and operating pressures up to 5000. They are reliable, efficient, and lightweight.

  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors • Axial Hydraulic Motors 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers axial hydraulic bent-axis motors in the following configurations: V14 variable displacement/large frame, V12 variable displacement/small frame, T12 dual displacement, and F12 fixed displacement/large frame. Model F12 bent axis, fixed displacement/large frame motors feature heavy duty roller bearings, highly engineered valve plates, laminated piston rings, and closed/open loop circuit operations.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Gearmotors & Drives 

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    Gear motors are small motors constructed with integral gear reducers, and drives are systems used for controlling motor speed.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers gearheads and gearmotors in a wide range of motor interfaces and sizes. These gearheads come in in-line/right angle mounting configurations, standard gear ratios ranging from 3 to 100:1, and sizes ranging from 30 to 300mm. In-line PS stealth advanced gearheads come in up to 6 frame sizes, input speeds up to 6,000 RPM, noise operations less than 68db, and less than 3 Arc minutes of backlash.

  • ►  Motion Control • Actuators • Heavy Duty Actuators 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers OSP-E BHD electric linear and HTR hydraulic rack/pinion rotary actuators. OSP-E BHD electric linear actuators feature dovetail profiles, motor mounts, clamp/standard shafts, integrated roller guides, and interplanetary gearboxes. They are low maintenance, easy to install, high in force output, high in load capacity, and ideal for multi-axis applications.

  • ►  Valves • Pilot Valves 

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    Pilot valves are high pressure control valves commonly used in critical applications and can be set as push to activate or as a dead man's style switch.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. is a manufacturer of motion and control systems and equipment. Products available include dual pilot operated check valves featuring internal pilot position with seal options, zinc plated external parts and common cavity.

  • ►  Meters • Flow Meters 

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    Flow meters are devices generally used to measure the flow rate of fluids or gases through a conduit.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers 100 Series analog and 500 Series digital mass flow meters. Model 111 mass flow meters can measure flow rates in a wide range of gases from 0-5 SCCM to 0-10 SLPM, and they are capable of operating at pressures up to 1500 PSIG. Digital 500 Series flow meters can operate in pressures up to 3000 PSIG, and they have flow rates ranging from 0-5 SCCM to 0-1000 SLPM.

  • ►  Meters • Variable Area Flow Meters 

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    Variable area flow meters are commonly referred to as rotameter and consist of tapered glass tube containing a float that is raised by the flow of a fluid and dropped by gravity.

    Parker Hannifin has Porter variable area flowmeters in 65 or 150mm scale lengh tubes, and are available in forged body or side-plate construction. Forged body designs have a 180 degree wrap-around window and a one-piece black anodized aluminum body. Side-plate variable flowmeters are designed to be interchangeable with competitive designs, and are also available in multi-tube versions.

  • ►  Meters • Mass Flow Meters 

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    Mass flow meters often use heated elements and temperature sensor to measure flow rates of a medium of known heat and density by guaging the static and flowing heat transfer.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers Series 500 digital gas and Series 100/2200/3200 analog mass flow meters. Series 500 digital mass flow meters are capable of measuring gas flow rates ranging from 0-5 SLPM to 0-1000 SLPM, they feature a stainless steel construction, and can operate at pressures of up to 3000 PSIG.

  • ►  Pumps • Aluminum Pumps 

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    Pumps constructed from aluminum--a corrosion-resistant material suited for a wide range of applications, including: filtration, desalination, water treatment, marine, chemical, etc.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers D/H/HD Series pressure loaded gear pumps with the following features: multi-fluid compatibility, a sleeve-bearing construction, tolerance to system contamination, and a pressure-loaded/lightweight/compact design. These pumps are capable of continuous pressures up to 2500 PSI, speeds up to 4000 RPM, cold weather operations, and cavitation resistance.

  • ►  Gaskets • O-Rings • Fluorosilicone O-Rings 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers FVMQ fluorosilicone O-rings for fuel and oil resistance applications. These O-rings come in blue or rust colors, and they can handle temperatures ranging from -100 to 350°F.

  • ►  Gaskets • O-Rings • Hollow O-Rings 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. hollow "O" and hollow "P" O-rings constructed from Viton, fluorocarbon, fluorosilicone, HNBR, EPR/EPDM, and Buna-N materials. These O-rings feature PSA backing options, interference-fit designs, easy closure force adjustments, hot vulcanization, precision extrusion tolerances, etc.

  • ►  Aerospace • Actuators • Aircraft Landing Gear Actuators 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers landing gear actuators for a wide range of commercial, military, and aviation applications, including: unmanned aerial vehicles, trainers, helicopters, regional aircraft, etc.

  • ►  Aerospace • Actuators • Aerospace Rotary Actuators 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers electromechanical rotary actuators for the following applications: launch vehicles, munitions, missiles, military aircraft, commercial aircraft, unmanned air vehicles, business jets, regional jets, speed brakes, spoilers, flaps, flight control actuation, etc.

  • ►  Gaskets • Form-In-Place Gaskets 

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    Form-in-place gaskets are designed to produce a seal to prevent gas and fluid leaks between two surfaces via an injected compound.

    Parker offers form-in-place conductive elastomer gaskets on plastic or metal housings. Beads can be applied in three full axes on flanges as narrow as .030 inch (0.76 mm), providing 75 dB attenuation from 200 MHz to 10 GHz.

  • ►  Gaskets • Seals • Pneumatic Seals 

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    Parker offers four different types of pneumatic seals, including nine styles of piston, nine types of rod, two cushioning, and two varieties of valve seals.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Speed Reducers • Planetary Speed Reducers 

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    Parker Hannifin Corp. is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial equipment, components and materials. Product offerings include planetary speed reducers and gearmotors with less than 3 arc-sec backlash and gear ratios from 3 to 100:1.

  • ►  Tubing • Plastic Tubing • Polyethylene Tubing 

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    Parker offers polyethylene tubing in dozens of sizes in natural, blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red, white, yellow, and other colors. Sizes range from .170 to .500" ID, .250 to .625" OD, and .040 to .062" wall thickness.

  • ►  Gaskets • Pipe Gaskets 

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    Pipe gaskets are designed for sealing applications, either liquid or gas.

    Parker Hannifin produces their 37G82 pipe gaskets in sizes from 1/4" to 3/8". Hose connections are field attachable. Pipe connections are available in female NPSM pipe, gasket joint, swivel, and straight.

  • ►  Tubing • Metric Tubing 

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    Metal and plastic tubing offered in metric sizes

    Parker offers metric tubing, both single and bonded designs, in thermoplastic, fluoropolymer, metal, PVC and PTFE. Parker’s thermoplastic, fluoropolymer and metal tubing meet the industrial requirements of DOT, DIN, ISO, SAE and FDA standards.

  • ►  Valves • Needle Valves • Brass Needle Valves 

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    Parker offers brass needle valves in straight and angle designs. Types include flare/pipe, flare ends, compression/pipe, compression ends, male pipe ends, male/female pipe ends, female pipe ends, and poly-tite/pipe ends. Humidifier brass needle valves are also available.