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Pass & Seymour/Legrand

Pass & Seymour offers a wide range of electronics products, including: home systems, data communications, commercial A/V, lighting controls, cable/wire management, and other wiring devices. Pass & Seymour provides solutions for the industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

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Syracuse, NY 13221

Pass & Seymour/Legrand Entries

  • ►  Switches • Toggle Switches 

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    Electromechanical toggle switches are designed to provide simultaneous actuation of multiple electrical contacts, or to control large amounts of electric current.

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand produces TradeMaster grounding toggle switches in multiple colors. These toggle switches by the brand of Pass and Seymour are suited for residential applications.

  • ►  Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable connectors including connectors for audio, power, aerospace, military, medical, telecom and automotive applications.

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand manufactures more than 300 types of connectors and plugs. Cable connectors built by the company include extra hard-use specification grade connectors, MaxGrip M3 connectors, and a number of in-line connector series.

  • ►  Connectors • Electrical Wire & Cable Connectors 

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    Connectors for audio cables, power cables, and automotive, telecom, medical and commercial cable connection applications.

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand manufactures electrical plugs and connectors for a wide range of electrical cable and wire applications. These products include a variety of flanged inlet connectors, extra hard use ground continuity motoring plugs, extra hard use specification plugs and connectors in a variety of sizes.

  • ►  Switches • Illuminated Switches 

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    Illuminated switches are backlit switches often used in dimly lit areas to make the switch more visible.

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand offer their TradeMaster illuminated rocker and toggle switches for consumer applications. They have two models of grounding illuminated toggle switches and one model of rocker switch to choose from.

  • ►  Switches • Illuminated Switches • Illuminated Rocker Switches 

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    Illuminated Rocker Switches

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand is a manufacturer of the TradeMaster illuminated and self-grounding rocker switch with high impact resistant thermoplastic construction. This switch accepts #12 and #14 AWG. The narrow back body leaves more room for wires in the box.

  • ►  Switches • Illuminated Switches • Illuminated Toggle Switches 

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    Illuminated Toggle Switches

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand is a manufacturer of the TradeMaster 660ISLG illuminated toggle switch. This is a single pole lighted toggle switch rated at 15 amps and 120 volts. Features include high-impact resistant construction, #12 and #14 AWG side wire, and #14 push wire. Self-grounding models provide an automatic ground clip.

  • ►  Sensors • Motion Sensors 

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    Motion sensors are input devices that are designed for detecting movement within a specific detection pattern or field of view.

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand offers residential and commercial motion sensors in the following configurations: single pole vacancy, passive infrared wall box, 7 button preset, ultrasonic ceiling mount, dual technology ceiling mount, etc. Model RW600BTC single pole vacancy sensors are CA Title 24 compliant, cULus/UN SPSC listed, face interchangeable, and low-profile styled with uniform color-matched lenses. These sensors feature manual-ON operations, lighted switches, coverages up to 180°/600ft2, and a 2-wire construction.

  • ►  Electrical • Wiring Devices • Plugs & Receptacles 

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    Plugs & Receptacles

    Pass & Seymour is a manufacturer of various types of straight blade receptacles.  Some of what they offer includes commercial and construction specification grade with a rating of 15 & 20 amp, 125 volts, dust & moisture resistant & clock hanger with 15 & 20 amp, 125 volt, heavy duty specification single and duplex with 15 & 20 amp, 125 & 250 volts, plug tail, quad, tamper resistant, weather resistant and decorator receptacles with various amperage and voltage.

  • ►  Electrical • Wiring Devices • Timers 

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    Offers occupancy and vacancy sensors and timers. Type of timers include astronomic programmable timers and digital timers. Astronomic timers feature manual or programmed on/off switching, LED display, and automatically calculates sunrise and sunset times based on latitude and longitude.

  • ►  Electrical • Wiring Devices • Wall & Face Plates 

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    Wall & Face Plates

    Pass & Seymour offers a variety of wall plates including box mounted and strap mounted models as well as custom and oversize models, tandem and handy box plates, toggle switch openings and two gang models with a center opening.

  • ►  Electrical • Lighting • Lighting Controls 

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    Pass & Seymour is a manufacturer of several models of light switches and controls.  Products include canopy, combination, decorator, extra heavy duty spec grade, grounding combination, illuminated, non-grounding combination, spec grade decorator combination, grounding toggle, and non-grounding toggle light switch and control products.  Applications include home owners, residential contractors, commercial and industrial markets.

  • ►  Electrical • Lighting • Dimmer Switches 

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    Dimmer Switches

    Legrand offers a variety of dimmer switches, including CFL-LED, fluorescent, incandescent, and magnetic low voltage dimmers.

  • ►  Electrical • Lighting • Sensors 

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    Legrand manufactures a wide range of lighting products including sensors like the WSP200W. This occupancy sensor features high immunity to RFI and EMI for accurate detection, compact design to fit in existing wall switch cavities, no minimum load requirement, adjustable sensitivity, patented voltage drop protection, and 180 degree coverage of up to 900 square feet.

  • ►  Electrical • Power Quality • Surge Protectors 

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    Surge protectors, including whole house, hard wired, hospital grade, point of use, in wall and more.

    Legrand is a manufacturer of Senetrex Perma Power point-of-use surge protection power strips, as well as rack mount and cabinet types, hard wired designs, and configurable hard-wired devices for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Cable Connectors 

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    Cable Connectors

    Manufacturer of low voltage electrical connectors and many other power connection devices for commerical, industrial & residential use.  Cable connector kits available.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Circular Connectors 

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    Circular Connectors

    Manufacturer of low voltage electrical connectors and many other power connector devices for commercial, industrial and residential use.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Coaxial Connectors 

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    Coaxial Connectors

    Supplier of coaxial connectors and other electronic components.  Offered coaxial products include, Decorator F-Type Coaxial Connector, Combination Coaxial Connector and Telephone Jack, Decorator Duplex Modular Jack with Smooth Plate (Single Gang, 2 Openings), F-Type with One Coaxial Connector & Wall Plate, and more.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Pin Connectors 

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    Pin Connectors

     Legrand manufactures a line of electrical connectors and plugs. These products include various electrical plugs, straight blade connectors, medium duty plugs, hospital grade plugs, extra hard use angled devices and more.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Terminal Connectors 

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    Terminal Connectors

    Pass and Seymour provides you with the technology needed to set up an electrical system in your home, office, or anywhere else you may need it.

  • ►  Electrical • Connectors • Waterproof Connectors 

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    Waterproof Connectors

    Manufacturer of rubber and watertight straight blade plugs & connectors.  Multiple seals between plug and connector on their watertight models protects electrical connection from contaminants.  Also, a closure cap forms a seal to keep out contaminants when connector is not in use.

  • ►  Electrical • Cabinets & Enclosures • Floor Boxes 

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    Floor Boxes

    Legrand manufactures a variety of floor boxes for industrial applications. These products include fire classified floor boxes, multi-gang floor boxes, recessed floor boxes and convention center floor boxes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Switches 

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    Pass & Seymour manufacturers several types of industrial, toggle, single pole, combination and light switches. Offerings include canopy, heavy duty spec grade, grounding combination, illuminated decorator, pilot lighted decorator, spec grade decorator combination, TradeMaster decorator, and the 911 locator switch.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Occupancy Sensors 

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    Legrand offers a selection of greater than 30 models of commercial and residential occupancy sensors. Commercial types include the WSP200W, which is a white, wall mount sensor that works from 10 to 150 footcandles, with built-in detection signature analysis for high immunity to RFI and EMI, and 180 degree coverage up to 900 square feet. Another choices is the CSD1000, which is a dual technology ceiling sensor with 1,000 square foot range, multi-level 360-degree Fresnel lens, and eight time delay modes. Residential occupancy sensors include the RWU600UBKCC4, which is a single-pole, 3-wire, 600 W product with 180 degrees of coverage up 600 square feet, and a fixed five-minute time delay. A more programmable model is the RW3U600W, which has the same coverage as the previous model, but also adjustable time delays from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, and adjustable lighting level settings from 10 to 150 fc.

  • ►  Electrical • Sensors, Relays & Switches • Passive Infrared Sensors 

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    Legrand produces passive infrared, wall box occupancy sensors; passive infrared, wall box occupancy/vacancy sensors; passive infrared wall box bi-level occupancy/vacancy sensors; passive infrared ceiling mount occupancy sensors; and passive infrared, surface mount occupancy sensors.