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Planet Products Corp.

Planet Products Corporation, founded in 1947, is a contract manufacturer specializing in manufacturing precision, close tolerance, and highly critical components and assemblies. Products and services include CNC machining, assemblies, hydraulic products, MIG/TIG welding and fabrication, and engineering, testing and evaluation services.

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  • ►  Motors • Hydraulic Motors 

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    Used to convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular rotation. Interchangeable with hydraulic pumps.

    Planet Products Corp. manufactures specialty hydraulic motor types including standard, heavy-duty, flange mount standard, flange mount heavy-duty, face mount standard, and face mount heavy-duty. The company's hydraulic motors feature maximum displacement of 0.93 inches or 0.47 inches; nominal outputs of 4.5 HP, 6 HP, 9 HP or 12 HP; and torque of 7 in-lbs.or 14 in-lbs. @ 100 psi.


  • ►  Aerospace • Pumps 

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    Aircraft pumps are used to transmit a variety of liquids such as fuels, coolants or water into their corresponding systems.

    Planet Products Corporation is a contract manufacturer that produces hydraulic pumps for defense, aerospace, industrial and machine tool markets. Their hydraulic products have also been used for such applications as personnel carrier turret operation and submarine controls.

  • ►  Machining • Aerospace Machining 

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    Machining services specific to the aerospace industry often utilizing light weight high strength materials and close tolerances.

    Planet Products Corp. offers ISO9001 certified precision CNC machining services. These machines can achieve tolerances ranging from ±0.0001" to ±0.001", they utilize CAD/CAM technologies, 2 to 5-axis capabilities, and a high-pressure hydraulic testing room. Planet Products have six state-of-the-art turning/machining centers, two coordinate measuring machines, and a fully staffed tool room that includes the latest tool-setting equipment.