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PMC Corporation

Precision MicroControl Corporation (PMC) is a designer and manufacturer of multi-axis motion controllers for servo and stepper motor control, meeting the needs of OEM machine builders, researchers and volume manufacturers for over 20 years.

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P: 760-930-0101
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2075 N. Corte Del Nogal
Carlsbad, CA 92011


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    Precision MicroControl provides a wide range of powerful, flexible and cost-effective motion control cards, accessories, and software.

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    PMC offers the MultiFlex ETH 1000 Ethernet model series as a part of their MultiFlex Series of motion controllers. The total axes of models MultiFlex ETH-1040, -1400, -1440, -1800 and -1840 are 4 and 8; 1 to 12 axes customized models. Their Ethernet models feature specifications such as 64-bit floating-point RISC CPU and vary in the number of analog servo channels from none to 8, likewise for PWM channels and stepper/servo - 0 to 8 available.

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    PMC offers servo and stepper motion controllers for a wide variety of precision applications; PCI-bus, VME-bus, ISA-bus and stand-alone controllers. This includes the MultiFlex PCI 1040, a 4 axis PCI-bus stepper and pulse-controlled servo motion control card. The MultiFlex PCI 1440 is a high-performance 4 to 8 axis servo and stepper PCI-bus motion control card.

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    PMC Corp offers motion control cables including ones with high density connectors, ribbon connectors, and more.

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    PMC Corp manufactures the MultiFlex ETH 1000 Series ethernet controllers. These models employ he use of PMC's Motion Integrator, a suite of visual and intuitive Windows application programs  help users easily connect, troubleshoot, tune, and configure PMC's motion controllers. Includes PMC's Servo Tuning and motion plotting program (also listed separately below.) Compatible with all controllers.

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    Precision MicroControl manufactures DCX-PCI motion controller with up to 8 or 16 axes, along with MultiFlex motion controllers available as PCI-bus or Ethernet models. The MultiFlex controllers provide high performance servo and stepper motor control, and feature up to 4, 8, or 12 total axes.

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    Precision MicroControl (PMC) offers servo motion controllers in a variety of configurations, including: DCX PCI Series, MultiFlex Ethernet Series, and MultiFlex PCI Series. These controllers come in 4, 8, 12, and 16 axes models. Additional features include: modular multi-processor architectures, small motor direct drives, PCI-bus full length cards, 10/100 Ethernet, user I/O ranging from 68 to 88, etc.

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    Precision MicroControl (PMC) offers stepper motion controls. DCX-PCI 100 controllers have operating temperatures ranging from 32 to 131°F, a +/-10V command signal, and a 32 bit velocity, acceleration, and dynamic range position. These controllers feature an independent point-to-point velocity or position control for all 8 axes.