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POLYCLUTCH, Div. of A&A Manufacturing Co., Inc

Polyclutch, for over 50 years, has been a manufacturer of precision miniature brakes and clutches. Throughout the years they have developed motion control systems that team their clutch products with small motors. Polyclutch now offers products for all of your power transmission and motion control needs with the introduction of their new line of electric motors.

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    A&A POlyclutch designs and manufactures Shell-Pak brand light duty journaled clutch systems with self contained operating unit with the outer housing and cam member combined into a one piece precision shell. The inner hub and spring loaded locking rolls are assembled with the shell to complete the assembly. The fully journaled outer shell needs no additional radial bearing for normal applications.

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    A clutch is a device that provides driving force to another mechanism by connecting the driven mechanism to the driving mechanism.

    Polyclutch makes slip clutches, including mechanical and pneumatic models for overload, torque, and tension appliations. They also make brakes and other products for continuous or intermittent slip applications including torque control, indexing, and soft starts and cushioned stops.

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    A&A Polyclutch is a distributor for the Slip Aire pneumatic clutches, systems, with variable torque and constant tension that's higher than mechanical slip clutches. Polyclutch also offers sealed ball bearings with some Slip Aire models.