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    Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

    Prefamac distributes standard and customized chocolate machines. Chocolate machinery includes: automatic tempering machines in 30 and 60 kg; melting kettles for chocolate, jams and cremes; tempering kettles of up to 150 kg of chocolate; enrobing machines; cooling tunnels; tailor made transportation systems with pearled stainless steel construction; industrial flaking machines for basic and curl flaking with various thickness of the flakes; and chocolate drops/sticks/flakes line.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment 

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    Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment

    Prefamac chocolate enrober belts and enrobing machines for industrial and non-industrial machines. Chocolate enrober belts feature a stainless steel construction, double chocolate curtain, distribution tank, heating lamps, adjustable chocolate bath, vibrating movement and speed of 1 meter per minute. Prefamac offers enrobing machines in the switch type with one basic machine and one or more removable chocolate tanks for easy switching of chocolate types and fix type.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Depositors 

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    Prefamac provides its chocolate drops-, sticks, and flakes line for the production of chocolate drops, sticks, small block, vermicelli and flakes at about 300 kg per hour. The Liquid 300 features isolated panels, stainless steel covers and cold store lengths on both sides.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Tempering Equipment 

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    Tempering Equipment

    Prefamac's automatic tempering machine is a continuous tool featuring frame on casters, content tray of 30 or 60kg, hermetic cooling, separate steering and spindle motor, and options including a dosing system, enrober belts for paper take off or truffle extension, and a pneumatic scraper.