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    Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.


    PTL designs and manufactures a variety of chocolate-processing equipment, bar manufacturing equipment, and auxilary equipment. Chocolate processing equipment includes kettles and melters for melting, batch and continuous tempering, wheel and pump enrobers, chips/cluster/mass/rotary depositing, moulding and cooling tunnels and towers. Bar manufacturing equipment such as forming, slab cooling, cutting, enrobing and chocolate cooling is utilized for the automatic production of nutritional, health, protein, muesli, granola and confectionery bars.


  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment 

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    Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment

    PTL distribute enrobing confectionery equipment such as wheel enrobers and pump enrobers. Wheel enrobers feature an entire belt carriage, decorator, removable curtain and wheel, stainless steel construction, and easy operation without tools. Pump enrobers features a removable wire belt carriage for fast washdown, air chamber temperature climate control, one or two air knives with increased capacity fans, and access doors.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Depositors 

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    PTL supplies depositors for chocolate processing. Depositing equipment includes chips and button depositors, cluster depositor, mass and inclusions depositor and rotary depositor. The PTL chip and button depositor produces chocolate chips, wafers, buttons or drops and deposits marshmallow or water based onto moving belts, moulds or starch trays. The cluster depositor deposits chocolate with inclusions such as nuts on a belt, cup or mold. The mass and inclusions depositor is fully programmable and able to produce chocolates filled with nuts, fruit, or solid chocolate into novelty shapes. The rotary depositor processes dough and pastes with nuts or large pieces of chocolate.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Cutting Equipment 

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    Cutting Equipment

    PTL specializes in chocolate processing and bar manufacturing for the confectionery industry. Amongst their bar manufacturing machinery includes a line of cutting equipment such as slitters, spreading belts, standard guillotine and ultrasonic guillotine. The PTL Slitter features easy changeover of bar pitches, control or elimination of edge trims and easy operation. PTL spreaders are endless belt with silicone coating that separates the product after the slitting. PTL high speed guillotine features an easy change blade, high speed servo drive for accurate cut lengths and blade scrapers that scrape the blade after every cut. PTL ultrasonic guillotine is idel for muesli, granola and protein bars to allow for gaps between products with chocolate coatings and sticky products.

  • ►  Food Industry • Confectionery Equipment • Tempering Equipment 

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    Tempering Equipment

    PTL makes continuous and batch chocolate temperers. Their batch machines are for low-volume throughput, an automatic tempering cycle, periodic operation, non-freeze product outlet butterfly valve, and water-jacketed body and internal stirrer paddles.