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Rankin-Delux manufactures char broilers, griddles, hot plates, combinations and other equipment, including accessories, cheese melters and chinese wok ranges.

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P: 562-944-7076
F: 562-541-7858
12862 East Florence Ave.
Santa Fe Springs, CA

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    Rankin-Delux's line of charbroilers includes chicken broilers, lava rock broilers, radiant broilers, and turbo broilers in countertop and floor model types with stainless steel top sides and front, 5.25" wide frates, 3/4" gas pipe inlet, waterpan and grease trough, and a 10.5" deep work shelf.

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    Rankin-Delux provides commercial cooking equipment such as its gas infrared cheese melter broilers great for steak broiling, cheese melting, browning, finishing, plate warming and many more functions. The Model RDCM-36-C features a stainless steel front panel, sides, top and optional 4 inch legs.