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Robinson Rubber Co.

Robinson Rubber Co. is a supplier of custom molded products. Products offered include bellows, gaskets, bulbs, isolators, grommets, bushings, cups, diaphragms, gaskets and a variety of other rubber parts and components.

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Minneapolis, MN 55428

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  • ►  Bearings • Bushings 

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    Bushings are a type of plain bearing that are usually inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for a variety of rotary applications.

    Robinson Rubber Products custom-manufactures rubber bushings, with over 20 engineered polymer families from which to choose.

  • ►  Bearings • Bushings • Rubber Bushings 

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    Robinson produces custom molded products, including rubber bushings. Materials used include acrylic, chloropolyethylene, neoprene, hypalon, vamac, hydrin, Viton, nitrile, natural rubber, styrene butadiene, and synthetic natural rubber.

  • ►  Rubber • Rubber Extrusions 

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    The process of forming rubber parts and/or components via forcing malleable rubber material through a die of the required shape after which it is commonly cured or hardened.

    Robinson Rubber Co. offers extruded rubber profiles in the following shapes: mandrel hose, mandrel elbow, rectangular strip, square strip, full/half round cord, I/L/P/T-shaped strip, D/E/H/U-channel, etc. These profiles feature external identification printing, cut-to-length/continuous length options, and microwave/autoclave (steam) vulcanization. They come in 0.060" wall thicknesses and sizes ranging from +0.250" to +2.500".

  • ►  Rubber • Rubber-To-Metal Bonding 

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    Process in which a rubber material is permanently adhered to a metal material.

    Robinson Rubber has more than1,500 formulations of molded rubber components, in 20 engineering-grade polymers.  Available metal materials include aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, ductile iron, PFTE and stainless steel. Robinson can also bond to multiple substrates, including die castings, machined systems, stampings and injection molded thermosets.

  • ►  Rubber • Rubber Molding 

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    Production of rubber parts or components utilizing a mold with a hollow cavity of the shape desired.

    Robinson Rubber Co. offers a wide range of custom rubber molded products/components, including: bellows, bumpers, special plugs, protective boots, isolators, grommets, gaskets, diaphragms, connector seals, etc.