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RTI Electronics, Inc.

RTI Electronics, Inc. is a manufacturer of passive electronics components such as thermistors, inrush current limiters, film capacitors, transformers, inductors, temperature probes and assemblies as well as audio power conditioners.

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    A type of resistor commonly used as inrush current limiters, temperature sensors or self-resetting overcurrent protector.

    RTI Electronics Inc. manufactures PTC thermistors and NTC thermistors. The company's PTC thermistor line includes: standard PTC thermistors, silicon PTC thermistors, PTC thermistor probes, PTC over-temperature protectors, PTC over-current protectors, and PTC thermistors for custom applications. The NTC thermistor family includes: Surge Guard, disc and chip-style, Accu-Curve, surface mount, and mini-sensor-type thermistors. Both PTC and NTC thermistors are used for temperature measurement, temperature differential, temperature control, temperature compensation, time delay, and surge suppression within various industrial applications.

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    RTI Electronics, Inc. manufactures NTC and PTC thermistors. The line of NTC thermistors include the Surge-Gard thermistors, Disc & Chip style thermistors, Accu-Curve thermistors, surface mount thermistors, Mini-Sensor thermistors, probes and assemblies. The line of PTC thermistors includes standard PTC thermistors, PTC Over-temperature protectors, PTC Over-current protectors, silicon PTC thermistors, PTC thermistor probes, and special application probes and assemblies.

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    RTI Electronics Inc.'s line of NTC thermistors includes disc and chip thermistors, precision thermistors, miniature thermistors, and surface mount NTC thermistor. The disc and chip thermistors feature resistance values ranging from 1 ohm to 500,000 ohms, while the precision thermistors provide accurate temperature measurement to plus or minus 0.2C. The miniature thermistors are hermetically sealed and glass encapsulated, and the surface mount thermistors feature standard values from 250 ohms to 150,000 ohms.

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    RTI Electronics, Inc. offers Mil-Spec PTC thermistors that meet or exceed all requirements of MIL-T-2368 for positive temperature coefficient thermistors. Thermistors have an ambient operational temperature range from -65 to +150°C, a resistance range from 10 to 39,000 ohms, and a maximum wattage rating of 0.250 watts. Thermistors have applications for amplifiers, over-temperature protection, temperature regulation, thermometry, and telemetry.

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    RTI Electronics, Inc. is a manufcaturer of passive electronic components. SMD thermistors are available with standard vales from 250 ohms to 150,000 ohms, operating temperature range is from -55°C to +150°C, and a dissipation constant is 2mW/°C, with a maximum power rating of 250mW @ 25°C.