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Saelig, founded in 1988, operates as a sales and marketing agent and distributor for more than 100 manufacturers. Saelig sells and supports electronic control and instrumentation equipment to customers in the industrial, military, educational and hospital industries. Products include converters, data loggers, industrial PC's, software, test equipment, cables, automotive equipment, motors, sensors, switches, controllers, motor controls, programmers, and much more.

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  • Entry in  Motion Control • Controllers • Motion Control Cards 

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    Saelig's motion control board for DC motors (with brushes) uses communication protocol (Ethernet: TCP/IP-HTTP) giving it an easy interfacing. The board is compatible with the POE-IEEE 802.3af norm allowing its power supply through the Ethernet cable. The PID controller (32 bits) may be used to manage a motor from 1 to 70[W] (continuous) with a regulation loop time up to 500[us]. The regulators implemented are position and speed PID with a trapezoid trajectory.

  • Entry in  Sensors • Temperature Sensors • Low Temperature Sensors 

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    Saelig offers UPSI G-TUS.13 dual channel low temperature sensors. These sensors have the following features: ambient temperatures ranging from -90 to 85°C, relative humidity ranging from 0 to 100% RH, humidity channel capacitance from 150 to 270 pF, and supply voltages ranging from 1 to 10V.