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Scougal Rubber

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Scougal Rubber manufactures elastomeric bearing pads for steel and concrete bridge structures.

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Seattle, WA 98108

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    Designed for use in engineering and construction applications from conveyor lines to construction equipment and bridges.

    Scougal Rubber is a manufacturer of elastomeric bearing pads for both steel and concrete structural bridges. The elastomeric rubber bearing transfers vertical loads while allowing limited horizontal movement for expansion and contraction of the bridge structural girders. Most Scougal pads are made of rubber or neoprene with the addition of steel reinforcement layers.

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    Scougal Rubber manufactures a line of elastomeric bearings and pads for both steel and concrete structural bridge applications. The company's line includes plain (featuring neoprene or natural rubber material), steel-reinforced, and vulcanized directly to heavy steel sole plates or masonry plates. Plain elastomeric bearings feature tensile minimum of 2250 psi or 2500 psi.

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    Rubber bearings are sealed bearings for use in applications where environmental resistance is important.

    Scougal Rubber offers elastomeric bearing pads. Pads are reliable, inexpensive, and maintenance-free, with a service life that typically exceeds that of the bridge superstructure itself. Bearings transfer vertical loads from the superstructure to the substructure, while allowing limited horizontal movement, as well as rotational movement of the supported members. Bearing pads are made with natural rubber, Neoprene, and steel materials. Elastomeric bearings can be designed to suit almost any application.