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Silverthin Bearing Group of Mechatronics, Inc.

Silverthin Bearing Group manufactures slewing ring bearings and precision thin section bearings that feature large diameters up to 37 inches. The bearings are produced for the aerospace, industrial, robotics and distributor markets.

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P: 425-222-5900
F: 425-222-7535
P.O. Box 5012
Preston, WA 98050-5012


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    Silver Thin is a manufacturer of precision thin section bearings.  Sizes range from 3/16x 3/16, 1/4x1/4, 5/16x5/16, 3/8x3/8, 1/2x1/2, 3/4x3/4, 1x1, and 3/8x1/2.  Bore sizes range from 1" to 35".

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    SilverThin Bearing Group produces slewing ring bearing types including: flanged, rectangular, rectangular high capacity, and rectangular cross roller. Depending on type, the bearings feature moment capacities from 141,000 ft-lbs, to 10 million ft-lbs., thrust capacities from 175,000 ft-lbs. to 6 million ft-lbs., and radial capacities from 35,000 lbs to 1.4 million lbs.

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    Silverthin manufactures large diameter thin section bearings with OD's up to 37" and ID's up to 35". These bearings are available as angular (Type A), radial (Type C), or four point (Type x) contact designs.

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    Slewing ring turntable bearings from Silverthin are available as flanged, rectangular, rectangular high capacity, and rectangular cross roller types - with outer diameters up to 60" to 240" and thrust capacities up to 1,380,000 ft-lbs.. The bearings are used in a number of applications including small cranes, industrial positioners, rotary tables, rotating displays, bottling machines, conveyors, feller heads, log loaders, wind turbines, utility derricks, aerial lifts, machine tools, and excavators.

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    Silverthin is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company specializing in custom thin section ball and slewing ring bearings across a broad range of sizes. Types include flanged, rectangular, rectangular high capacity and rectangular cross roller.