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Specialty Motions, Inc.

SMI, established in 1990, is a distributor of linear motion products, including linear bushings, precision ground and hardened shafting, ball and leadscrews, simple actuators, square rail technology, precision slides, cross rolling elements and actuation assemblies. SMI can also aid in the design process.

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1801 Railroad Street
Corona, CA


  • Entry in  Bearings • Linear Bushings 

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    Specialty Motions offers a large selection of linear bushings, including flange type, non self aligning and self aligning. Manufacturers represented include NB, ABBA, R+W, Schneeberger, TH, and many others.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages 

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    Specialty Motions produces a series of low cost, high precision, Easy Slide ball slide positioning stages with True Travel anti-cage creep technology for versatile, smooth, accurate travel used in gauging and positioning light to heavy loads. Pre-assembled and pre-loaded for immediate installation, mounting can be done with their standard hole patterns with standard fasteners or can be created to your requirements including metrics.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Positioning Tables 

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    Specialty Motions manufactures a variety of positioning tables, including cross roller configurations with a straight line accuracy of 0.0001/inch of travel and a coefficient of friction of 0.003" typical. This model features an aluminum carriage and base with a hardened steel crossed roller rail set.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Roller Bearings • Crossed Roller Bearings 

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    SMI is a distributor of cross roller tables and ways, crossed roller slides, and a full line of linear motion profile rail actuators with crossed roller bearings to handle the load.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Bushings 

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    Specialty Motions Inc. (SMI) offers self-aligning, non-self-aligning, and flange type bearings. The self-aligning bushings come in the standard TW Series and the open TW-OP Series, and provide three times the load capacity and up to 27x the normal life of conventional ball bushings. The non-self-aligning bearings are produced from a solid steel outer cylinder and either a steel-hardened, seemless ball retainer or an industrial strength resin retainer; it is available in the standard SW Series and the extra-wide SWW Series. Finally, the company offers flange type linear bearings in both standard and extra-wide.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Ball Screw Actuators 

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    Specialty Motions Inc offers ball screw products from Thomson, NSK and Abba including a variety of ball screws, ball splines, linear screws, cross roller ways and rail linear assemblies.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides 

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    Specialty Motions Inc. distributes ball and cross roller slides from many companies, including ABBA, Applied Motion Products, NSK, NB, and more.

  • Entry in  Motors • Motor Controllers 

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    Specialty Motions is a manufacturer, distributor and integrator of industrial motor controls and drivers for servo and stepper motors. Servo controllers and drives come with a power supply (5A continuous 15A peak servo drive) or without a power supply (sinusoidal servo drive, 100W and 200W versions or sinusoidal servo drive, DC input 7.0A). Stepper controllers and drives come without a power supply.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Belt Drive Actuators 

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    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers belt drive actuators. These actuators are compact in size, have a load capacity of up to 1955 lbs., and can handle speeds of up to 275"/sec. Other features include: an AC servo motor, a maximum stroke length of 2500 mm, a high rigidity base structure, a double slider option for large moments and overhang, etc.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Bushings • Flanged Bushings 

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    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers several types of round and square flanged linear bushings in anti-corrosion and standard steel. Flanged bushings are offered in standard and double wide widths.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Linear Bearings • Linear Roller Bearings 

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    Specialty Motions offers their Cross Roller Slide Way non-recirculating linear motion roller bearings.  Applications include optical and measurement equipment where high movement is required.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides • Ball Slides 

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    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers BS8-6, BS48-9, BS32-9, BS24-6, and BS16-6 ball slides. Model BS8-6 ball slides have 1.5 lbf load capacities, 0.38" carriage widths, 0.50" travel lengths, and 0.0005"/travel straight line accuracies. These slides utilize True Travel anti-cage creep technology, they feature black anodized finish, and center hole standard for strokes 1" and over. They are constructed from aluminum, hardened steel, and mild steel materials.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides • Crossed Roller Slides 

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    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers ball slides and crossed roller slides that utilize True Travel anti-cage creep technology. These slides are predictable, smooth, pre-loaded, pre-assembled, black anodized finished, and ready for immediate installation. They have 0.0005"/inch straight line accuracies, 0.001" positional repeatability ratings, and a 0.003" coefficient of friction.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Linear Bearings • Linear Slides 

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    Specialty Motions, Inc. offers crossed roller and ball slides. These slides feature 0.003 typical coefficient of friction ratings, 0.001" positional repeatability ratings, and straight line accuracies within 0.0005"/inch of travel.