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Specified Technologies Inc.

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P: 908-526-8000
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F: 908-231-8415

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    EZ-Path is a fire rated pathway system manufactured by Specified Technologies Inc designed for firestopping cables. This system automatically adjusts to cable fill, organizes and manages cables, adapts to virtually any condition and can be paired with a wide range of accessories.

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    Fittings, Hubs and Elbows

    The EX Path system from Specified Technologies, Inc is a patented fire rated pathway system for fire proofing cable systems. STI offers a variety of fittings and elbows for this system to provide optimized cable management solution.

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    Specified Technologies Inc manufactures the EX Path fire rated raceway systems for firestopping applications. This system provides 100% protection, automatically adjusts to cable fill, organizes and manages cables and can adapt to virtually any condition.