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Suhner Manufacturing, Inc.

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P: 706-235-8046
F: 706-235-8045
P.O. Box 1234, Hwy. 411 S.
Rome, GA 30162-1234

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  • ►  Motors • Pneumatic (Air) Motors 

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    Type of motor that does mechanical work by expanding compressed air to produce linear motion.

    Suhner offers nearly a half dozen pneumatic motors to choose from. Their Type A is a 75 W small, lightweight motor. The Type B are powerful 220 W pneumatic motors. The Type C is a high output, compact 340/370 W design. The Type E is a powerful and sturdy pneumatic motor with 600 W. The Type H is extremely powerful at 1000 W.

  • ►  Power Transmission • Flexible Shafts 

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    Flexible shafts are devices for transmission of rotary motion between two non-fixed objects.

    Suhner Manufacturing, Inc. is a manufacturer of flexible shaft products including transmission, high torque, remote control core, speedometer, stainless steel core, SU-Flock, SU-FLEX, hollow, medical grade power drive core and manual control flexible shafts as well as flexible shaft assemblies. Power drive core flexible shafts feature 4 to 8 high tensile wires per layer, high flexibility, high RPM operation, shock absorption and diameters ranging from 1/8" to 3/4".