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The Precision Alliance

TPA, based in South Carolina, supplies linear and rotary motion components and systems for machine, instrument, device and vehicle applications. Products include linear bearings, ball screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turntable bearings, specialty gears, and related components.

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P: 803-396-5544
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4215 Pleasant Rd.
Fort Mill, SC 29708


  • Entry in  Bearings • Roller Bearings • Crossed Roller Bearings 

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    TPA offers crossed roller bearings in assemblies and components. Crossed roller assemblies consist of 4 rails, 2 roller cages, and 8 end screws. All products are also offered as individual components. A single rail or roller can be purchased to save maintenance costs.

  • Entry in  Motors • Linear Motors • Linear Servo Motors 

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    The Precision Alliance is a manufacturer of industrial motors and components including a large variety of linear motors. TPA's linear voice coil motors are a direct drive, hysteresis-free, cog-free linear drive that offers high-acceleration and speed over short distances. The non-contact design is ideal for semiconductor, defense, and medical applications.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages • XY Stages & Tables 

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    The Precision Alliance supplies linear motor-driven X-Y stages for light load quick movement, modular square X-Y stages, and two axis X-Y tables for precision manual movement. The linear motor driven and modular square stages are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum material, while the two-axis tables have a low profile monolithic design.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Ball Screw Actuators 

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    The Precision Alliance is a manufacturer of a large catalog of components including ball screw actuators. TPA's ball screw actuators are customizable allowing a selection of screws and ball nuts to create an assembly specific for a variety applications.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators 

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    The Precision Alliance manufactures miniature linear, the Minibot Linear, and Ultra Mini actuators. They also build specialized/custom systems. The MiniBot-20 is available in any length up to 500 mm, and strokes up to 390 mm (15.4").

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Guides/Rails 

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    The Precision Alliance manufactures a wide range of linear motion products, including crossed roller bearings/slides, rotary bearings/tables, miniature linear actuators, miniature linear roller guides, etc. MB07W Series miniature linear actuators feature travel ratings ranging from 25 to 300mm, 47 lb normal loading payload capacities, 22.5mm carriage heights, and NEMA11 sized motors.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Ball & Lead Screws 

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    The Precision Alliance offers Standard Precision Ball Screws (12 - 80 mm OD), Miniature Rolled Screws, Miniature Precision Ground Screws, and Left / Right Hand Ball Screws.

  • Entry in  Motors • Linear Motors 

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    The Precision Alliance is a supplier of PBA Systems epoxy-slot linear motors, as well as linear motor modules and work platforms. The motors themselves are found in nine series', beginning with the DX20-C2P that is capable of 21.5 N continuous force and 86 N peak force. This motor comes with a standard cable length of 2 m and requires a minimum track length of 180 mm.  The company's linear motor offering ends with the DX90B-C10S, which provides 906.3 N continuous force, 4,531.7 N peak force, and standard track lengths in 300, 600, and 900 mm, as well as a normally-closed thermostat sensors for temperature protection.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Linear Actuators 

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    TPA supplies miniature linear actuators that feature 22.5mm, 30mm, 36.5mm, or 44mm height at the carriage; and travel selectable by the millimeter up to 300mm or 500mm. Depending on model, the linear actuators are available with 1 28mm, 35mm, 42mm, or 57mm-sized motors; and a variety of ballscrew and leadscrew options. Some of the actuators are ideal for use as the base axis of an XY system where loads are cantilevered.

  • Entry in  Bearings • Turntable Bearings 

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    External geared turntable bearing products from TPA feature moment static of 770 in-lb to 10,370 in-lb. and 214 to 709 teeth. Bearing outer diameters range from 3.378 in. to 12.378 in. Typical applications include radar pedestals, scanner equipment, gun turrets, cranes, robotics, and inspection tables.

  • Entry in  Fasteners • Nuts 

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    The Precision Alliance manufactures titanium hexagon nuts, nickel hexagon nuts, hastelloy hexagon nuts, and special material fasteners. Nut sizing ranges from M3 to M12. Nut length ranges from 5.5mm to 19mm and nut width ranges from 2.4mm to 10mm. Nut applications include: electronic equipment, semiconductor production, FPD, sodium hydroxide gas concentration units, heat exchangers, chemical plant facilities, etc. Available special material fasteners: aluminum, hastelloy, iconel, s/s, molybdenum, nickel, phosphor bronze, and titanium.

  • Entry in  Fasteners • Screws 

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    The Precision Alliance is a supplier of products such as screws, shaft couplings, linear motors, thin section ball bearings, turn table bearings, specialty gears, and related components. Available screws products include special materials screws, miniature screws, vented screws for vacuum applications, low head screws and captive/full thread screws. Vented screws feature ventilation holes for vacuum chamber, clean rooms, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices and other applications. Captive/full thread screws are available in sizes from M3-M10 in various head styles.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Positioning Tables • Roller Positioning Tables 

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    The Precision Alliance offers crossed roller X-Y positioning tables for precision manual movement applications. These tables feature locking capabilities, a low profile monolithic design, and a compact, two axis, crossed roller bearing arrangement.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides • Crossed Roller Slides 

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    The Precision Alliance offers crossed roller slides in the following configurations: RTS frictionless low profile, RTNG dust-protected (sealed) precision, RTNA/RTLA frictionless aluminum, and RTN/RTL frictionless precision. Model RTS frictionless low profile slides are low in profile, mount-ready, pre-loaded, and able to carry medium moments/loads in every direction. These slides have dynamic load ratings ranging from 208 to 3672N, lengths ranging from 25 to 205mm, and travel ranges from 12 to 130mm. They are ideal for applications where price and height is limited.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Miniature Actuators 

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    The Precision Alliance offers MB15W Series, MB07W Series, FAS Series, MB12W Series, and MB09W Series miniature actuators. MB07W Series miniature linear actuators have normal loading payload capacities up to 47 lbs, lead-screw sizes ranging from 1 to 5mm, 22.5mm heights at the carriage, and travel ranges up to 300mm. These actuators feature NEMA11/2-stack stepper motor configurations, optional 1-2 limit sensors, and applications for tight-fitting spaces.