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THK America, Inc.

THK is an industrial manufacturer of linear motion components and systems. Products include electrical, electromagnetic, linear, mechanical, mini and robotic actuators, rolled ball screws, precision linear bearings, crossed roller bearings, ball bearings, ball joints, linear guides, linear stages, grease lubricants, connecting and coupling links, linear motors, cross-roller rings, shaft support blocks, flanged bushings, rod and yoke ends, feedscrews, flanges, nut and bracket assemblies, and cam and roller followers.

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  • ►  Bearings • Roller Bearings 

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    A roller bearing carries a load by placing round elements between the two pieces causing the round elements to roll with little rolling resistance.

    THK offers The Cross Roller Ring roller bearing with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction (due to orthogonally arranged cylindrical rollers). Configurations include inner ring rotation only, both inner and outer ring rotation, and outer ring rotation only.

  • ►  Motion Control • Ball Splines 

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    Type of linear motion bearing used for nearly frictionless linear motion while allowing the member to transmit simultaneous torque.

    THK manufacturers high torque ball splines (no angular backlash to increase rigidity), medium torque ball splines (large load capacity in the radial and torque directions), a rotary model ball spline (a compact unit whose support bearings are directly integrated with the outer surface of the spline nut), and a rotary model with gears (gear teeth on the flange circumference).

  • ►  Motion Control • Ball & Lead Screws 

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    Ball screws are mechanical devices that translate rotational motion to linear motion while maintaining a low level of friction.

    THK designs and manufactures mechanical components, including the Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls.

  • ►  Bearings • Roller Bearings • Crossed Roller Bearings 

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    THK produces crossed roller bearings with high rotation accuracy capable of bearing loads in every direction. Configurations available include crossed roller bearings for inner ring rotation, for outer ring rotation, and an integrated inner/outer ring type that can be used for both applications.

  • ►  Bearings • Rod End Bearings 

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    A rod end bearing, also known as a helm joint, is a mechanical articulating joint used where a precision articulating joint is required.

    THK are producers of rod end spherical slide bearings that are equivalent in hardness and precision to steel ball bearings. Rod end types include female and male thread that require maintenance or are maintenance-free self lubricating. Spherical self lubricating bearings are also available. Female rod ends requiring lubrication offer high rigidity, high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. The self lubricating type uses a synthetic resin formed between the steel holder and the spherical inner ring. THK male threaded rod ends are high rigidity in both self lubricating and requiring maintenance types.