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  • ►  Motors • Small Motors 

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    Small motors can be used in a wide range of applications, including: household electronic appliances, handheld devices, motorized toys, small track drives, etc.

    Ultimate Washer offers small AC electric motors in a variety of configurations. Model AR-R6010 electric motors feature NEMA 213 frames, TEFC enclosures, optional thermal protection, and a black anodized/C-face construction. These motors have horsepower ratings up to 7.5 HP, full load Amp ratings up to 22.4, voltages up to 460V, and speeds up to 1750 RPM.

  • ►  Pumps • Trash Pumps 

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    Tash pumps are designed for conveying liquid containing hard and soft solids.

    Ultimate Washer offers a variety of water trash pumps, including: submersible, camlock, solid handling, reciprocating process, hydraulic centrifugal, high pressure, dredging, diaphragm, dewatering, diesel water, and transfer. 2" commercial duty portable trash pumps have self-priming capabilities up to 26 ft, heads to 105 ft, flows to 300 GPM, and pressures to 48 PSI. These pumps feature rubber foot mounting, quick release handles, horizontal discharge, and male NPT threads. They are constructed from silicon carbide, Viton, graphite, EPDM, and aluminum die-cast materials.

  • ►  Pumps • Plunger Pumps 

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    Pumps utilizing fluid pressure and motion via a reciprocating piston in a cylinder. Plunger pumps are also known as reciprocating pumps.

    Ultimate Washer, Inc. P56 Series, P200 Series, P300 Series, and P400 Series Giant triplex plunger pumps. The P56 Series features self-adjusting packing systems, solid ceramic plungers, flows up to 6.1 GPM, and discharge pressures up to 2320 PSI. These pumps come in 22mm shaft diameters, dual 1/2" BSP inlet ports, dual 3/8" BSP discharge ports, and maximum temperatures up to 160°F.