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Wastecorp Pumps, LLC

Wastecorp Pumps, LLC is a leading OEM manufacturer of pump and pump parts for water and wastewater treatment. available products include chemical process, in-line circulation, plunger, diaphragm, trans and high volume pumps as well as pump parts and honey wagons.

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Wastecorp Pumps, LLC Entries

  • ►  Pumps • Mud Pumps 

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    Mud pumps are a type of reciprocating piston pump used to circulate drilling fluid under high pressure in drilling applications.

    Wastecorp Pumps is a manufacturer of the "Mud Sucker" mud diaphragm pumps in a variety of sizes, including medium and heavy duty models. Mud Sucker pumps can pump mud like slurry, sand, petrochemicals, sludge, wastewater and much more.

  • ►  Pumps • Diaphragm Pumps 

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    A type of positive displacement pump that uses a reciprocating action and suitable non-return check valves to pump a fluid.

    Wastecorp makes Mud-Sucker diaphragm pumps for pumping everything from mud in a hog pen to food processing waste. The FA Series is available in 1.5", 2", and 3" flapper valve styles for wastewater and slurry found in marine, food processing, and multipurpose pumping applications. The B Series of diaphragm pumps is for heavy duty applications such as petrochemical, mining and biodiesel.

  • ►  Pumps • Diaphragm Pumps • Double Diaphragm Pumps 

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    Wastecorp Pumps LLC manufactures medium and severe-duty, double diaphragm pumps with 2", 3" and 4" connections. The double diaphragm pumps are available with a flapper valve or ball valve, with stationary or mobile configurations. The flapper valve style pumps feature a maximum capacity ranging from 50 GPM to 280 GPM, while ball valve style pumps are for mining, food processing, construction and petrochemical use.

  • ►  Pumps • Process Pumps 

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    Process pumps encompass a wide range of pump types designed for specific industrial processes.

    Wastecorp Pumps LLC manufactures turbo flow chemical process pumps that feature a single-stage horizontal design. The pumps comply with API610 and VDMA24297 standards, and are used in chemical, petrochemical, and oil refinery applications to handle thin, clean non-aggressive and non-explosive liquids or oils.

  • ►  Pumps • Dewatering Pumps 

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    Dewatering pumps are designed for clear water application with a general limit of 10% solids concentration.

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers self-priming trash pumps for dewatering applications. Pumps are available in 2" to 10" sizes and can transfer up to 3500 GPM. Standard electric and engine driven trash pump models are available. Applications include: municipal, industrial, commercial fluid transfer, wastewater, etc. Materials include: alloy steel, carbon steel, gray iron, tungsten titanium carbide, viton, and stainless steel.

  • ►  Pumps • Mining Pumps 

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    Pumps used for applications such as conveying waste water from tunnels in mining operations.

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers a variety of mining pumps, including: TurboFlow WSD Series, Mudsucker DD Series, and Mudsucker BW Series. The TurboFlow WSD Series pump is a split case centrifugal pump available in two configurations: single and multi-stage. This pump has flows ranging from 5,706 GPM up to 61,394 GPM, heads up to 800 ft, and a maximum working pressure of 360 psi. Mudsucker DD Series pumps are double diaphragm, medium to severe duty pumps, that come in two styles: flapper valve and ball valve (high solids). These pumps have 2"-4" connections, and maximum capacities of 280 GPM. Mudsucker BW Series are heavy duty walking beam pumps that can transfer up to 110 GPM. Wastecorp also offers TurboFlow process pumps for corrosive fluids and leaching process applications.

  • ►  Pumps • Diaphragm Pumps • Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pumps 

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    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers HP Series hydraulically powered diaphragm pumps in over eight models, including: 3FA-HP-DD, 2FA-HP, 3B-HP, 4B-HP, etc. Pumps range in GPM ratings from 20 to 220, they have a maximum speed of 585 RPM, and a hydraulic fluid flow rate of 2 GPM at 1600 PSI. Pumps have applications for oil refineries, food processing plants, and installations that have hydraulic fluid lines.

  • ►  Pumps • Trash Pumps 

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    Tash pumps are designed for conveying liquid containing hard and soft solids.

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers the following trash pumps: Trash Flow Pump Stations, TFX Contractor Series, TF Stationary, and TF Engine Driven. TFCC-3 Series trash flow stationary pumps have capacities up to 460 GPM, heads to 115 ft, and temperatures to 160°F. These pumps have RPM ranges from 650 to 2400, solids handling up to 2-1/2", and operating pressures up to 90 PSI. They feature chopper/double vane designs and patented adjustable wear plates.

  • ►  Pumps • Plunger Pumps 

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    Pumps utilizing fluid pressure and motion via a reciprocating piston in a cylinder. Plunger pumps are also known as reciprocating pumps.

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers PE Series medium duty, HPX Series trailer mounted, HPE Series heavy duty, and EHPE Series severe duty plunger pumps. HPX Series trailer mounted plunger pumps feature 160,000 PSI tensile strength shafts, heavy duty cast iron plungers, 4" 125 lb discharge/suction flanged hose connections, and up to 1800 Yanmar diesel RPMs. These pumps perform hydrostatic/pump performance testing, and they are designed for mobile sludge pumping in catch basins, sewage, oilfields, etc.

  • ►  Pumps • Sewage Pumps 

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    These submersible pumps come in small, large, and chopper configurations, and they are typically used for industrial, municipal or domestic waste-water applications.

    Wastecorp Pumps, LLC offers turbo flow WSL Series dry pit vertical sewage pumps for the following applications: mining, chemical, waste-water, water, manufacturing, beverage, food, agriculture, general water supply, and industrial. These pumps feature protective sleeves on the shaft, mechanical assembly seals, mixed flow high efficiency impellers, and a balanced/hydraulic design. They have motor power ratings up to 1,000 HP, connection sizes up to 36", temperatures up to 175°F, and capacities up to 12,680 GPM.