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    Equipment used for the production of pastries, candy, or other sweet foods. Processes include tempering, depositing, cutting, laminating, etc.

    Wolf manufactures and distributes confectionery machines - tempering machines, enrobers for small and high duty, coating cabins, cooling tunnels in four types, depositors for small and large drops, decorating devices, portiomat for nut clusters, and sugar coolers. Tempering machines includes Disc Tempering Machine UST, UF/UW tempering machines, and Worm-type tempering machines.

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    Coating/Enrobing/Laminating Equipment

    Wolf Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. manufactures and distributes enrobers and coating cabins amongst other confectionary equipments. Wolf enrobers include the high performance Enrober 3 for non-stop operation and triples shift usage. All models feature Siemens PLC control, double curtains, high performance blower, licking roller, high frequency vibration, additional heating package, accessibility on all sides for easy mainetenance and additional accessories. Compact enrobers are also available in working widths 320 or 420 mm. Wolf also offers five models or types of DRA coating cabins and five types of BPM. The coating cabins feature manual or fully automatic process control, a programmable logic controller or PLC that can store up to 30 recipes, combination of spraying and pouring methods of fat-based masse, and automatic inside scraper with a heater. The polishing machine BPM adds additional features to the coating system such as a PLC controlled polishing process and manually added polishing agent.

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    Wolf supplies models of Drop Depositor DDT and Drop Depositor DD. The models of Drop Depositor DDT are ideal for small drops of 0.05 to 2g with a special nozzle shutoff system to prevent unwanted dripping. The Drop Depositor DD is ideal for large sized drops of more than 2g that can also process pastry fat masses, cooked sugar masses and semi-liquid fondants.

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    Tempering Equipment

    Wolf makes several tempering machines including their Disc Tempering Machine UST (operating on cooled water), with capacities from 350 to 6600kg and a UF/UW tempering machine with built in cooling compressor (operates on freon), with capacities from 70 to 700 kg/h.