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Wolters Motors & Drives

Wolters, based in Georgia with over 55 years of experience, offers wholesale motors, parts and accessories for the electric motor service industry. Types of motors available include NEMA, IEC, AC and DC, general purpose, servo, explosion proof, crusher duty, washdown, severe duty pump, inverter duty, compressor, HVAC, and many others.

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P: 678-417-5830
P: 888-965-8377
F: 678-417-5825
2885 N. Berkeley Lake Rd., Suite 16
Duluth, GA 30096


  • Entry in  Motors • Metric (IEC) Motors 

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    Wolters Motors supplies IEC motors for industrial and process applications. The motors are available with aluminum or cast iron frames and with fractional HP. The company distributes motors manufactured by Baldor, Reliance, ABB, A.O. Smith, Connex Motors, Weg Motors, and Brook Crompton.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Motion Control Distributors 

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    Wolters Motors & Drives is a distributor of drives, motors, bearings and gear products for motion contols.

  • Entry in  Power Transmission • Belts & Belting • V-Belts 

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    Wolters Motors & Drives offers Bestorq power transmission products, including Bestorq V-belts and banded V-belts, as well as J-section V-ribbed and metric wedge section V-belts from Bestorq. There are hundreds of configurations to choose from.

  • Entry in  Motors • Variable Speed Motors 

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    Wolters Motors a& Drives offers a variety of AC & DC motors including a full line fo variable speed AC motors in a variety of sizes from manufacturers including WEB, Leeson Motors and A.O. Smith. Leeson ODP Rigid Base Automatic Overload Motors are available in 3 - 5 hp, three phase, 1760 rpm, 8.4 A and 13.2 A, ODP, in 182T or 184T frame sizes.

  • Entry in  Motors • Low Voltage Motors (Premium Efficiency) 

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    Wolters is a distributor of WEG, Leeson and A.O. Smith premium efficiency AC and DC motors. There are nearly a dozen Leeson Wattsaver models of low voltage motors available from 1/6 - 2 HP. Wolters also offer three WEG premium efficiency, low voltage motors in three phase NEMA configurations. A.O. Smith models come in ODP and TEFC  with options of 1 - 400 and 1 - 150 horsepower.

  • Entry in  Power Transmission • Belts & Belting • V-Belts • Multi Groove V Belts 

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    Wolters Motors & Drives produces metric wedge section V belts and banded V-belts that exceed USA RMA published ratings levels. The metric wedge section V belts are available in widths of 0.4", 0.51", and 0.66", while the banded V-belts lengths come in lengths up to 500 inches. The banded belts are also available as classical, wedge, wedge cogged, and Kevlar cord models.

  • Entry in  Motors • Air Compressor Motors 

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    Wolters Motors & Drives offers three-phase NEMA, premium efficiency, air compressor motors in TEFC C-Face (1-100HP), TEFC (1-500HP), and ODP (1-600HP) configurations. TEFC C-Face motors are built for operation in dusty/moist atmospheric conditions, and they are ideally suited for the following applications: packaging equipment, cement mills, fans, steel mills, pumps, refineries, crushers, etc. They have voltage ratings ranging from 208 to 575V, RPM ratings ranging from 1200 to 3600, and a three-phase 2-8 pole construction.

  • Entry in  Motors • Electric Motors • NEMA Motors 

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    Wolters Motors & Drives offers TEFC, TEFC C-Face, and ODP 3-phase NEMA premium efficiency motors. WEG TEFC 3-phase NEMA premium efficiency motors feature pressure compensated automatic drain plugs, stainless steel nameplates, NPT threaded terminal boxes, and ratings that meet Design C torque. They have the following optional features: drive end roller bearings, cable glands, drip covers, multiple terminal boxes, space heaters, etc. Applications include: cement mills, fans, pumps, crushers, compressors, chemical plants, pulp/paper mills, packaging equipment, etc.