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York manufactures and distributes commercial heating and cooling units, packaged heat pumps, split system air conditioners and heat pumps, air and water cooled indoor packaged units, and indoor air quality technology to builders, architects, engineers and the Navy.

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    York makes residential UV Air Purifiers and Air Cleaners including a MERV 10 rated model which filters down to 1 micron, and a MERV 16 model that removes 80% of indoor virus-sized particles, 99% of allergens, and 94% of airbourne dust, while their UV air purifier models come in single and dual light models.

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    York's Affinity line of residential central air conditioner units feature two-stage compressor tecnhnology that runs with 60% more energy efficiency and four-times quieter than single stage models. Other features include a polymer mesh screen coil guard and a durable powder-painted steel exterior available in seven colors. The Affinity Series air conditioner is the premier line of residential central air conditioners offered by York.

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    York is an air handler manufacturer that supplies conditioned air evenly throughout your home when used in place of a furnace, or with either an air conditioning or heat pump system. York also offers evaporator coils for cooling and heat pump applications engineered to be installed with York furnaces and to be matched with York cooling and heat pump outdoor units.

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    York manufactures gas and oil furnaces. Their furnace line includes 80% to 98% AFUE variable speed modulating models, and 80% to 97% AFUE constant speed modulating furnace models that fully modulate from 35% - 100%, or from 50% - 100% for precision comfort tuning (depending on model type). Single-stage and two-stage furnaces come in models with a constant speed blower motor or variable speed. Each furnace system comes with a burner, where gas (natural or propane) or oil is delivered and burned, a heat exchancer, ductwork, and a flue or vent pipe.

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    York makes three lines of heat pump models, rated from 13 to 18 SEER using either R-410A or R-22 refrigerant, with some heat pumps earning Energy Star certification. Their Latitude ERE Series has an efficiency rating of 14 SEER/9.0 HSPF and produces warm to touch air using its hot heat pump technology.