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Zaber are motion control, linear actuator and stepper motor specialists. Main product groups include linear actuators with built-in controllers, linear actuators that require external controllers, motorized linear slides and stages with built-in controllers, linear slides and stages that require external controllers, multi-axis sytems, rotary motion with built-in controllers, rotary motion that require external controllers, tilt with built-in controllers, and goniometers that require external controllers.

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  • Entry in  Motors • Electric Motors 

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    Zaber produces NM series of stepper motors in NEMA sizes 8, 11, 17, 23, and 34 as well as the T-NM series of stepper motors with built in controllers in NEMA size 17. The NM series of stepper motors include single or double shaft, hall sensor plugs, hall sensors and magnets, miniDIN8 connector plugs and six inch MiniDIN8 motor extension cable. The motors also feature a maximum torque range of 1.7 to 657 N-cm, motor rated power range from 4.7 to 30.4 watts, and maximum speed range from 1310 to 8640 deg/s. The T-NM series include manual control knob, LEDs, AC/DC adapters, serial port, integrated controller and driver, mounting interface, and maximum torque range of 20.6 and 31.4 N-cm.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages • Translation Positioning Stages 

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    Zaber manufactures translation stages that feature 28mm or 60mm of travel and a load capacity of 10 kg. Some the transition stages are vacuum compatible for applications down to 10-6 Torr. The stages also feature a 1/4"-20 thread or M6 thread, and can be used in x-y stage configurations.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages 

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    Zaber offers a automate precision positioning product line of computer controlled linear actuators, stages, mirror mounts, motors and other devices.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides 

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    Zaber distributes motorized linear slides with 75 to 450mm travel and built in controllers, designed with the ability to daisy-chain several units to a single serial port.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages • Rotary Positioning Stages 

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    Zaber manufactures motorized rotary stages with built-in controllers. The stages are 60mm in diameter, are worm gear driven, and capable of full 360 degree rotation. The stages also feature 20kg load capacity, up to 2 rpm speed, and 110 N-cm torque.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages • Linear Positioning Stages 

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    Zaber manufactures motorized miniature linear positioning stages and motorized linear positioning stages, with some of the stages featuring built-in controllers. Depending on type the stages have load capacity of 20kg, 100kg, 10kg, or 5 kg; and travel of 12mm, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 13mm, 28mm, 75mm, 300mm, 450mm, 254mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm, or 1500mm.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Stages • XY Stages & Tables 

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    Zaber Technologies Inc. produces XY two-axis stages with built-in controllers. The stages feature travel of 13 mm to 1500 mm per axis, maximum payload of 10 kg to 100 kg, and maximum thrust of 25 N to 560 N. The stages are available as miniature linear, high-load linear, and standard linear types.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Slides • Dovetail Slides 

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    Zaber offers T-LLS260, T-LLS260-S, T-LLS105, and T-LLS105-S dovetail slides. These slides feature travel ranges from 105 to 260mm, 0.16 um resolutions, RS-232 controls, and integrated 200 step/rev motors with hall-effect home sensors. Model T-LLS260 dovetail slides come in power supplies ranging from 12 to 16 VDC, 6-32 threaded hole mounting interfaces, operating temperature ranges from 0 to 50°C, and 90N peak thrusts. They are CE and RoHS compliant.

  • Entry in  Motion Control • Actuators • Miniature Actuators 

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    Zaber offers T-NA08A50-S, T-NA08A50, T-NA08A25-S, and T-NA08A25 miniature actuators. Model T-NA08A50-S miniature actuators feature CE/RoHS compliance ratings, integrated controllers, precision lead-screw mechanical drives, bi-color power/Com LEDs, and magnetic hall limit/home sensors. These actuators come in travel ranges up to 50.8 mm, accuracies up to +/-8 μm, peak thrusts up to 65N, continuous thrusts up to 50N, and speeds ranging from 0.00022 to 8 mm/s.