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Connectors for various aircraft components. Includes hermetic, mil-spec and brand specific connectors.

 A piece of hardware that attaches components within an aircraft, or between an aircraft and another piece of equipment, allowing for certain functions to be carried out (e.g., replenishment, heat transferal). Manufacturers make many types of aircraft connectors, including hermetic and harsh environment types, subminiature units, and more.Aircraft connectors are produced in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Common shapes are cylindrical and rectangular, and common materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and lightweight composites. Connectors are generally divided those for commercial airlines and others for military aviation.Leading manufacturers: Tyco Electronics, Amphenol, Cavotec and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. 

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  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    Manufacturer of military aircraft connector types including MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-83723, ESC11, EN2997, ESC10, and MIL-DTL-83512. The ESC11, EN2997, ESC10, amd MIL-DTL-83723. Products are available with flange mount, jam nut and solder mount receptacle configurations. Terminations include eyelet, feed thru, PC tail, and soldercup. The company's MIL-DTL-83513 types include: pre-wired and sold cup metal ; right angle PC board termination metal; vertical PC board termination metal; pre-wired and solder cup Micro-D, and HDMRC right angle condensed PC board terminations.

  • AMETEK HCC Industries

    Hermetically-sealed, military specification connectors for aerospace and defense applications. Types include circular, environmental and rectangular. The company's line of rectangular products includes D-subminiature, rack and panel, and micro-D subminiature types that are used for commercial and defense, airborne, ground support, and shipboard systems.

  • Detoronics Corp.

    Mfr. of a range of Mil-Spec type and special application connectors designed for severe atmospheric and environmental conditions. The company produces 16 series of aircraft-type in shell sizing ranging from 8 to 28.

  • Ulti-Mate Connector, Inc.

    U50 and 25 Mil connectors for a number of applications including high performance aircraft. The company's micro D savers are back to back pin and socket configurations intended to protect equipment or electronic boxes from excessive wear. The 25 and 50 mil strip and nano-strip feature up to 40 contact positions with metal shells for strength and shielding.

  • Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.

    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. distributes aircraft parts and pilot supplies including RG142, RG214, RG58  and seal-all connectors. The RG142 includes TNC male right angle, TNC male dual crimp, right angle RF male, and TNC female crimp-types.

  • Icore International Ltd

    Icore International Ltd. engineers and manufactures connector backshell systems that are EMC/RFI shielded and used for aircraft electrical systems. Backshell types are used for individual shield termination of a component wire, which comprises a cable or wire bundle. Icore's products can be found on commercial and military aircraft, helicopters, naval surface ships, aerospace engines, and military ground support test equipment.

  • Integrity Fasteners, Inc.

    Integrity Fasteners Inc. has supplied mil-spec fasteners and other aircraft fittings for high profile equipment including space shuttles, unmanned drones, missile systems, and military vessel shipboard radar.