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Connectors for various aircraft components. Includes hermetic, mil-spec and brand specific connectors.

 A piece of hardware that attaches components within an aircraft, or between an aircraft and another piece of equipment, allowing for certain functions to be carried out (e.g., replenishment, heat transferal). Manufacturers make many types of aircraft connectors, including hermetic and harsh environment types, subminiature units, and more.Aircraft connectors are produced in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Common shapes are cylindrical and rectangular, and common materials include aluminum, stainless steel, and lightweight composites. Connectors are generally divided those for commercial airlines and others for military aviation.Leading manufacturers: Tyco Electronics, Amphenol, Cavotec and Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. 

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  • MS Electronix, Inc.

    MS Electronix Inc. supplies circular military spec, circular commercial  and rectangular rack and panel connectors manufactured by Amphenol, ITT, Cannon, Bendix, Deutsch, Aero-Electric, Glenair, and Daniels. Products supplied by MS are for use within the avionics and aerospace industries.


  • Array Connector Corporation

    Aircraft connectors including MIL-DTL-5015, MIL-DTL-26482, D28999 PC tail, hermetic, nano and filtered connectors. The company's MIL-Spec products are available in reverse bayonet, bayonet and threaded coupling with crimp, solder or pc tail contacts.