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Battery connectors are used to transfer power from the batteries in to the equipment to which they are connected.

A type of power connector, battery connectors carry significant amounts of DC or AC electrical power to various industrial machinery, process control equipment, and industrial motors. Battery connectors are available with a number of different pitch sizes and circuit sizes, and feature various orientations including right angle, parallel or compact. These connectors also come with SMT, compression-style, or through pole interfaces. Types of battery connectors include: sealed crimp, sealed solder, automotive butt, spark plug, distribution, PCB, and cord.

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  • Shokai Far East, Ltd.

    Shokai offers battery connector products such as battery holders, snaps, clips and clamps. 9V battery snaps, vinyl and molded snaps, plastic safety snaps, lantern battery snaps, battery and alligator clips and clamps, AA, AAA, C, D, N, 9V and coin cell holders are also available.

  • AC Terminals, Inc.

    A.C. Terminals offers battery connector products such as heavy duty copper battery terminals, emergency and marine battery terminals, stud top terminals, heavy duty battery terminals with third wire capability, and heavy duty stackable battery terminals.

  • WirthCo Engineering, Inc., Funnel King

    WirthCo offers battery connector products and equipment for the automotive industry.  Deluxe battery terminal clamps, tool-less battery bolts, battery terminals for accessory wiring, and battery terminal accessories are available. Also hold down products, trays, chargers, fillers, testers and hydrometers.

  • Keystone Electronics Corp.

    Battery clips, contacts and holders for lithium coin cells, A, AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, N, 12 volt and 9v battery types. Applications include thru-mount & SMT contacts, holders and retainers, as well as PCB & SMT clips and aluminum, steel and plastic holders. 

  • ASK Products, Inc.

    Manufacturers and distributors of high voltage electrical lugs and battery connectors for power and grounding applications in the automotive, telecom, and off road/OEM industries.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity manufactures battery connector systems for portable electronics, including battery holders, headers, and insert, plug and receptacle assemblies. Also, heavy duty starter/battery lugs and connectors, including butt splice and terminal lugs.

  • Quick Cable Corp.

    Quick Cable is a manufacturer of electrical battery connectors and accessories, offering UL listed battery connectors.  Fasteners and adapters are available, along with Mil-Spec, marine and solderless battery connectors.

  • ETCO

    ETCO is a manufacturer of many different battery connector types to fit most applications.  Custom battery connectors can be made for specialized applications.  Crimp, spark plug, distribution, PCB, cord, battery and 5mm terminals are just some of the standard connector types offered.

  • Pico of Canada, LTD

    Pico of Canada offers battery connector products and lugs, including heavy duty battery/starter lug connectors and heavy duty battery/starter lug ring connectors.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Distributor of battery connectors and other electronic component types.  Use their spec search to choose color, features, gauge, packing, size, terminal type and vendor for terminal connectors.  A multitude of different battery connector types and shapes are available.

  • National Standard Parts Associates

    Many battery connector types are available including sealed crimp, sealed solder and automotive butt connectors, as well as battery connectors and terminals for automotive, fleet and marine applications.

  • Synergetix

    Manufacturer of highly reliable, fail safe position battery contacts, using a spring loaded contact design for optimal contact. The best electromechanical performance is based upon metallurgical choices. These contacts are ideal for military and police applications.

  • AVX Corp.

    Standard battery connectors, specifically designed for mobile equipment, are available in 3, 4, and 5 contact positions all on a 2.50mm pitch. The insulator height provides a 3mm spacing, with various contact nose heights from 1.20mm to 2.60mm, to provide spacing options to the end user. All battery connector contacts are stamped and are rated to 3A, with plating options in tin or gold. Parts are supplied in tape and reel for automatic pick and place. PIN battery connectors are 2, 3, 4, and 5-way available, with optional contact pitch, and have current ratings typically at 3A.

  • SubConn Inc

    Subconn offers battery connector options, such as 2 and 3 contact battery charging connectors, suitable for charging up to 25 amp. These are based on the standard circular series and are rated to run at 600 V (volts). contact resistance : <0,01 ohm. insulation resistance : >200 megaohm. temperature rating : -4° to +60° C - 25° to 140° F. depth rating : 1.400 bar - 20.000 psi.

  • Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc.

    Hermetic Seal Technology manufactures glass-to-metal lithium battery connectors and seals. The company's connectors can seal into an eyelet, directly into the battery lid, or hermetically weld the eyelet into the lid. The connectors and seals are used in applications where exposure to lithium battery electrolytes occur.

  • Fusite

    Fusite manufactures glass-to-metal sealing solutions including battery connectors used in lithium battery, pressure transmitter, temperature sensor, feed thru, flow meter and various automotive sensor applications.