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Battery connectors are used to transfer power from the batteries in to the equipment to which they are connected.

A type of power connector, battery connectors carry significant amounts of DC or AC electrical power to various industrial machinery, process control equipment, and industrial motors. Battery connectors are available with a number of different pitch sizes and circuit sizes, and feature various orientations including right angle, parallel or compact. These connectors also come with SMT, compression-style, or through pole interfaces. Types of battery connectors include: sealed crimp, sealed solder, automotive butt, spark plug, distribution, PCB, and cord.

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  • SubConn Inc

    Subconn offers battery connector options, such as 2 and 3 contact battery charging connectors, suitable for charging up to 25 amp. These are based on the standard circular series and are rated to run at 600 V (volts). contact resistance : <0,01 ohm. insulation resistance : >200 megaohm. temperature rating : -4° to +60° C - 25° to 140° F. depth rating : 1.400 bar - 20.000 psi.