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BNC Connectors are used for serial digital interface (SDI) video signals, aviation electronics and more.

A common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable, A BNC connector is used in electronic test equipment and often within manufacturing facility applications. BNC connectors come in 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions. The 75 ohm BNC connectors are mainly used for video, while the 50 ohm connectors are utilized for data and RF. Types of BNC connectors include threaded, twin, and tri-axial. The tri-axial connectors are used in sensitive electronic measurement systems found in manufacturing facilities. The threaded connectors - known as TNC connectors – work well with microwave frequencies, while twin connectors contain two independent contact points.

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  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics supplies BNC connectors manufactured by M/A-Com/Tyco, Amphenol RF, Automatic Connector, and Delta. Connector types supplied by March Electronics include: metal shell, plastic shell, metal shell RF combomate, audio (5, 6 and 10-contact), power (UW and MW QPL), U-type multipurpose, and class L power.

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries Inc. designs and manufactures a number of connector types including BNC connectors. The company's line of connectors include Mini-Link, Pico-Link 8mm, Micro-Link M12, and attachable connector types. The Pico-Link connectors feature 3 or 4 pole, straight or 90 degree configurations; while the Micro Link models are available with 2-6 pole, straight or 90 degree configurations. The attachable connectors range from 8mm to 12mm in size, and the Mini-Link connectors feature NEMA 6P and IP 68 protection. The Mini-Links are available in 2-12 pole, straight or 90 degree configurations.


  • Cables To Go

    BNC connectors and products available include female to female in-line adapter, female to female bulkhead connector, T-adapter female/male/female, RG58 female twist-on connectors, RG58 terminator, RG58 male crimp connector for plenum cable, RG58 male crimp connectors, RG58 male twist-on connector, RG59/62 male twist-on connectors, and RG59/62 male crimp-on connectors for plenum cable.

  • Automatic Connector

    BNC series connectors are general-purpose, low-cost miniature connector types, with a frequency range of DC–4 GHz and 50 ohm impedance, designed to MIL-PRF-39012 requirements. Bayonet-type interfaces allow for quick mating and unmating, and helps to prevent accidental disconnection.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Tyco offers miniature (mini) and standard UHF/RF BNC "N" connectors, twin BNC connectors, self-terminating PC board BNC connectors, BNC and TNC adaptors, and RF OSB mini BNC connector products.

  • Circuit Specialists, Inc.

    Circuit Specialists is a BNC connector provider offering BNC male connectors - crimp style for RG58/U cable, crimp style for RG59/U cable and twist-on for RG58/U cable; BNC male/RCA female coaxial adaptors; BNC splice female connectors and adapters - dual female inline splice; T adapters; T adapters - female to female to female; and BNC terminators - 50 ohm, 75 ohm.

  • L-com

    A variety of BNC connector types are offered by L-com, including male and female crimp connectors. Inter-Series adapters such as N-female to BNC-female adapters, N-female to BNC-male adapters, and  N-male to BNC-female adapters are also available. Reverse-polarity BNC-type connectors are offered in the most popular sizes.

  • Amphenol Connex

    BNC coaxial connectors in various cable types, product types and impedences. Cable types vary from 1 thru 19. Connector types vary from terminators, bulkhead feed-thru adaptors, bulkhead isolated ground adaptors, printed circuit board (pcb) and panel receptacles, and plug crimp attachments. Impedences range from 5 ohms to 500 ohms.

  • The RF Connection

    A listing of BNC connector styles. Right angle BNC connectors, tee (F-M-F) connectors, twist on connectors, cap with chain, one hole mount, crimp and clamp connectors all available.

  • RF Parts Co.

    Distributors of various BNC connector products, including male crimp plug BNC connectors (RG-58/U, RG-174/U, LMR 240, RG-8X), male clamp plug BNC connectors (Proflex, RG-8U, RG-58/U, RG142/U), male and female bulkheads, and female jack panel mount BNC connectors (4 hole flange).

  • Surplus Sales of Nebraska

    Distributors of various BNC connectors, including adapters and miscellaneous pieces, cable female (inline and bulkhead), double female BNC connectors, inline male (clamp, crimp), panel jacks (flange mount, hole mount, PC mount), panel plugs, and terminations (caps and plugs).

  • TRU Corporation

    BNC Series Connectors - 50 ohm designed to operate over a frequency range of DC to 4 GHz. Miniature bayonet BNC connector styles offer a quick connect/disconnect feature desirable for test applications. SC Series Connectors - similar to "C" series bayonet types, but are threaded to provide a more solid coupling. Originally designed for use with aircraft avionics, these BNC connectors are ideal for other equipment requiring a high tolerance for vibration.

  • Mccarten Co.

    Distributors of various BNC connectors - RG59 silver universal BNC connector, RG6 silver universal BNC connector, RG59 gold universal BNC connector, RG6 gold universal BNC connectors, 1 RGB gold universal BNC connectors 26 Ga Coax, 1 RGB silver universal BNC connectors 26 Ga coax, 15 RGB silver universal BNC connector 22 Ga coax, 15 RGB silver Universal BNC connectors 22 Ga coax.

  • Excess Solutions

    BNC connectors available include BNC female with leads, BNC female black PN BNC-RA-1-P-CAP, BNC tee adapter, BNC female tee adapter, BNC "T" connector male to two females, BNC female right angle board mount, BNC female connector vertical PC mount, and Connex 172123 "N" coaxial female barrel connector.

  • Parts Express

    Parts Express offers BNC adapters, BNC female and male connectors, BNC bushings for push-pull, BNC rear twist sleeves, "F" adaptors, "F" female, "F" male, "F" weatherproof, and UHF connector products for CATV/SATV.

  • Connect-Tech Products

    Connect-Tech Products offers BNC connector products, including edge mount jacks, bulkhead/panel mount jacks, plugs, filtered jacks, right angle and vertical jacks. Available in 75 ohm.

  • Lindy

    Supplier of various BNC connector products, including 50 ohm BNC terminators, BNC connector T piece (female/male/female), 50 Ohm BNC male solder type, BNC connector male crimp type, and BNC couplers (female/female).

  • Signamax Connecting Systems

    Signamax offers BNC and BNC/F connector modules. BNC connector modules provide 1 or 2 feed-thru connectors available in 180° straight and 45° angled cable exit designs. BNC/F-Type connector modules provide 1 BNC feed-thru and 1 F-type feed-thru connector.

  • Pomona Electronics

    Manufacturer of BNC breakouts, including female BNC to alligator test clips, male BNC to multi-stacking banana, female and male BNC to stacking miniature, and female and male BNC with 20 AWG leads.

  • offers female RCA to male BNC adaptors, male RCA to female BNC adaptors, 6 ft. 15 ft. 25 ft. coax SVGA cable to 5 BNC male adaptors, and a remote cable tester for RJ45 RJ11 USB and BNC.