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Bus connectors are electronic connectors used for data transfer in computer applications. USB is currently the most common type of bus connector.

Bus connectors are electronic connectors used for data transfer in computer applications. USB is currently the most common type of bus connector.

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  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corporation offers Profibus PA, Profibus DP, Foundation Fieldbus, Ethernet, and Devicenet Series bus connectors for the injection molding, automotive, and industrial automation industries. Profibus PA Series cordsets come in lengths ranging from 1 to 10M, male & female plugs/extensions, a 4-pole construction, and wire AWG ratings up to 18. These cordsets are constructed from orange PVC, stainless steel, copper alloy, gold plating, and black flame-resistant PVC materials. They are IP67 protected, UL/C-UL approved, and can handle temperatures ranging from -40 to +221°F.

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries, Inc. offers strain relief cord grip, mini-type bus system, micro-type (M12) bus system, double-ended drop (thin) mini/micro-type, and bulk cable (physical media) bus connectors. Double-ended drop (thin) mini/micro-type connectors were developed to meet Seriplex, Honeywell SDS, and DeviceNet network architecture, as well as meeting IP68 and harsh industrial environment conditions. These connectors come in cable lengths ranging from 2 to 5M, and they are available in the following configurations: passive drop box, mini/micro passive feed-thru box, mini/micro-port bus box, etc. Remke also offers trunk (thick) and drop (thin) bulk cables.

  • Powertech Controls

    Powertech Controls offers HARAX circular, Han-Power "S", Han-Max panel feed-through, and Han-Brid bus connectors. Han-Brid bus connectors come in 2/4, 2/8, 2/4+PE, 2/8+PE, and 4/2 contacts. These connectors are available in female or male insert types, and they feature wire gauges ranging from 0.14 to 2.5 mm2. Contact identifications include angled panel feed through, latching parts, cage-clamp terminal panel feed through, cable side, device side, etc. Powertech also offers Han-Brid and Han Quintax contact bus connectors

  • Automation Systems Interconnect

    Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. offers circuit breaker busbars and panel/DIN rail mount busbars/terminals. Circuit breaker busbars come in NDB2, 13mm pitch, and 1.1 meter configurations. These busbars have the following features: 1-4 poles, left end caps, 1 meter lengths, they can connect up to 60 1-pole breakers, etc. Panel/DIN rail mounted busbars and terminals have mounting supports, unique wiring terminals, and colored plastic housings. These busbars and terminals are easily labeled, they can handle wires from 20 AWG up to 1/0 cables, and support 1-4 busbars.

  • Turck, Inc.

    Turck, Inc. offers models SPTC1 and SPTC2 male-to-female/female-to-female bus connectors. These connectors come in operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 70°C, operating voltages as low as 25 Volts, and peak surge currents up to 200 Amps.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Phoenix Contact offers DIN rail bus connectors for system power supplies and two mini-modules.

  • WAGO Corp

    WAGO Corp. offers connectors for EIB bus coupler units for EIB applications. Model 243-211 connectors come in measured voltages up to 100V, 6A current intensities, side-entry wiring types, and 8 connection points. These connectors feature dark gray/red assembled colors, diameters ranging from 0.6 to 1mm, heights up to 11.5mm, widths up to 10mm, and strip lengths to 6mm.

  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers field bus connectors for intelligent power supply systems.