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Cable connectors including connectors for audio, power, aerospace, military, medical, telecom and automotive applications.

Cable connectors are audio and visual connectors that carry audio and/or video signals in digital or analog between outputs and inputs. One basic type commonly found is the RCA connector, a color-coded connector that transmits analog video and stereo audio signals. Cylindrical mini-DIN connectors feature three to nine pins that are compatible with certain devices; these analog connectors offer high quality video signals when compared to composite cables. HDMI connectors combine uncompressed digital video  and audio signals for optimal audio and visual quality with high-definition televisions, computers, and gaming consoles. Other cable connectors include VGA, F, and computer parts like USB, DVI, and Firewire. Leading manufacturers: Calbes & Connectors, Inc., L-com, Molex, Nemal Electronics and Pasternack.

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  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    CDM Electronics supplies cable connectors manufactured by Corsair Electrical Connectors, Times Microwave, Delta Electronics, Winchester Electronics, EZ Form Cable Corporation, Cooper Interconnect, Adam Tech, and Hypertronics.  The Times Microwave-supplied connectors are flexible and semi-rigid coaxial cable-type intended for RF transmission from HF to microwave frequencies. Winchester Electronics cable connectors include board to board connectors, RF connectors, input/output connectors, power connectors, and quick connect connectors. EZ Form-brand connectors are semi-rigid cables capable of being easily bent to finished shape. Cable connectors types include RF and quick snap. Cooper Interconnect cable connector type in stock include: audio, subminiature, filtered-audio, power, and U-type. CDM distributes cable connectors to the aerospace, military, medical, telecom, automotive, industrial, commercial, and alternative energy industries.

  • Connectronics

    Connectronics Inc. designs and manufactures high voltage connectors, specialized connectors, high current connectors, and underwater cable connectors. The company's underwater series of cable connectors are for demanding underwater interconnection applications and include a O-ring sealed interface. Featuring 300 VDC operating voltage, a temperature range from -10 C to 80 C, and stainless steel hardware, the connectors have been hydrostatic tested to 500 psi. The specialized interconnectors are for nuclear, space, laser,and  x-ray applications and equipment. The hermetically-sealed connectors feature temperatures up to 250 C and current to 1000 amperes.


  • Keltron Connector Co.

    Keltron Connector Co. is a manufacturer of cable connectors types including board to board, board spacers, center sockets, centronics, D-subminiature, DIN, DIP, edge card, fiber optic, gender adapters, headers, hoods, housings/boots, IC sockets, micro-match miniature, mini jumpers, mini DIN, modular phone jack, PCB, PCB socket, PLCC socket-through hole and surface mount, Power SIMM Smart Card, terminal blocks, wire to wire, SIMM/DIMM sockets, USB, miniature USB, and wire to board.

  • March Electronics, Inc.

    March Electronics supplies connectors manufactured by ADI Electronics, AMP/Tyco, Amphenol RF, Automatic Connector, Continental Connector, Cristek, Dale/Vishay, Delta, G&H Technology, Cooper Interconnect, M/A-Com, Microdot, Nanonics, Ulti Mate, and Preci Dip. Cable connector types include:  D subminiature, Mil-Spec, UG/RF coaxial, rack & pane, Micro D, box, nanominiature, edgeboard, breech-lok, audio and power, and L-class power. March also distributes backshells and connector accessories manufactured by Glenair and Sunbank.

  • Remke Industries, Inc.

    Remke Industries Inc. manufactures metal clad cable connectors, steel corrosion-resistant cord connectors, nylon corrosion-resistant cord connectors, straight Valox corrosion-resistant connectors, Pico-link connectors, AC/DC Micro-Link connectors, Mini-Link connectors, E-con connectors, bus system connectors, and M12 and M8 connectors. The metal clad cable connectors are available in aluminum, nickel-plated and stainless steel constructions.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity designs and manufactures PCB connectors, RF and coax cable connectors, connectors for aerospace, defense, and marine industries, wire/cable-applied interconnects, connectors for fiber optics, input/output connectors, and appliance connectors. The company's coax cable connectors include standard, miniature, sub-miniature, micro-miniature, and nanominiature types. RF cable connector types include 7mm precision RF connectors, blind mate connectors, threaded connectors, RF one-step BNC and TNC connectors, SMA connectors, and push-on microminiature connectors. PCB connectors types include backplane/midplane, board to board, and card edge.

  • American Connectors, Inc.

    American Connectors Inc. manufactures metal clad cable connectors to the electrical industry. The company's line of cable connectors includes water tight, non-water tight type, and hazardous types. The water tight connectors are designed for outdoor use and can protect against water spray, dust, corrosive elements, and vibrations. The non-water tight connectors are designed to bring the cable into a knockout box or threaded entrance. The hazardous connectors can withstand extreme temperature conditions and can be sealed at 0 degrees Celsius.

  • Binder-USA, LP

    Binder-USA LP distributes Franz Binder GmbH & Co.-brand connector types including adapters and splitters, cordsets, field-attachable connectors, and panel-mounted connectors. The various connectors are used in factory automation, measurement and control, communications, medical electronics, transportation, industrial equipment and tools, and commercial applications.

  • Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

    Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. manufactures cable connectors including more than 70 different series of RF coaxial connectors. The company's line of RF coaxial cable connector types includes: 1.0/2.3 connectors, 7/16 connectors, BNC connectors, GHV connectors, MCX connectors, MC-Card connectors, N connectors, QMA connectors, SC connectors, SMA connectors, SMB connectors, switch connectors, TNC connectors, triaxial and twinaxial connectors, and UHF connectors.

  • Lapp USA

    Lapp USA supplies rectangular, circular, and pin and sleeve cable connectors used in applications that require durability and flexibility. Depending on configuration, the connectors are able to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 125 amps, and 280 contacts. The connectors' enclosures features ratings of IP 65, 67, 68, and NEMA 4, 4X and 12.

  • Mencom Corporation

    Mencom Corp. manufactures electrical cable connectors for industrial automation, automotive, and injection molding. Industrial cable connector types include mini series connectors, micro AC, micro DC< nan, and device net. The mini connectors are available with 2 through 6 poles, 6 through 8 poles, and 9 through 19 poles. The micro DC series connectors have 2 to 8 poles.

  • Sealcon LLC

    Sealcon LLC manufactures circular cable connectors including signal connectors, twintus dual connectors, power connectors, RJ45 connectors, profinet connectors, push-pull connectors, stainless steel connectors, and special connectors. The signal connectors feature 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18 and 19-pole contact configurations. Depending on type the connectors fit cables diameters from .08 to .43" or .12 to .67", with some designed for sensors and gauges.

  • Amphenol Connex

    Amphenol Connex designs and manufactures cable connectors including a number of RF connector-types. The company's product line includes MMCX connectors, MCX connectors, SMA connectors, BNC connectors, TNC connectors, 7/16 connectors, UHF/Mini-UHF connectors, twin-BNC connectors, D-sub connectors, and FME connectors.

  • Cables To Go

    Cables to Go manufactures cable connectors for computer, networking and audio video applications. The company's connector types include: audio connectors, coaxial connectors, F-type connectors, PC connectors, and video connectors.

  • Huber + Suhner, Inc.

    Huber + Suhner supplies straight and right angle RF cable connectors that are available with cable connector mounting, panel cable connector mounting, and bulkhead cable connector mounting. Depending on type, the operating frequency of the cable connectors ranges from 0.2 to 65 GHz.

  • L-com

    L-com Inc. manufactures coaxial cable connectors, fiber connectors, D-subminiature connectors, and modular connectors. Coaxial cable connector interfaces include: BNC, SMA, TNC, Type F, RCA, SMB, MCX, and MC-card.

  • Molex

    Molex Inc. is a supplier of standard coaxial cable connectors with frequencies from DC to 40 GHz. Coaxial connector types include SMP, BMA, BNC, BSA, DIN 7/16. DIN 1.0/2.3, FAKRA, MCX, micro coaxial, MMCX, QMA, SMA (RF), SMB, SSMCX, TNC, Type F, and Type N. The connectors are primarily used in military, automotive, medical, instrumentation, telecom, and wireless applications.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Pass & Seymour/Legrand manufactures more than 300 types of connectors and plugs. Cable connectors built by the company include extra hard-use specification grade connectors, MaxGrip M3 connectors, and a number of in-line connector series.

  • Radiall

    Radiall USA designs and manufactures a number of RF coaxial cable connector types including 7/16, BMA, BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3, DIN 1.6/5.6, ECO, FAKRA, HM, MC-Card, MCX, MML, MMT, N 18, non-magnetic, RP, SMB< SMC, SMA, SSMB, SMP, TNC, TQ and UHF.

  • W L Gore & Associates, Inc

    W.L. Gore & Associates manufactures a range of cable connectors including microwave/RF connectors for test applications, aircraft applications, spaceflight applications, and defense applications. The company also produces push-on connectors. The microwave/RF connectors for space are available with four assembly options: radiation resistance, high power design, low phase change cable, and lightweight cable.