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Cable connectors including connectors for audio, power, aerospace, military, medical, telecom and automotive applications.

Cable connectors are audio and visual connectors that carry audio and/or video signals in digital or analog between outputs and inputs. One basic type commonly found is the RCA connector, a color-coded connector that transmits analog video and stereo audio signals. Cylindrical mini-DIN connectors feature three to nine pins that are compatible with certain devices; these analog connectors offer high quality video signals when compared to composite cables. HDMI connectors combine uncompressed digital video  and audio signals for optimal audio and visual quality with high-definition televisions, computers, and gaming consoles. Other cable connectors include VGA, F, and computer parts like USB, DVI, and Firewire. Leading manufacturers: Calbes & Connectors, Inc., L-com, Molex, Nemal Electronics and Pasternack.

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  • Binder-USA, LP

    Binder-USA LP distributes Franz Binder GmbH & Co.-brand connector types including adapters and splitters, cordsets, field-attachable connectors, and panel-mounted connectors. The various connectors are used in factory automation, measurement and control, communications, medical electronics, transportation, industrial equipment and tools, and commercial applications.

  • Amphenol Connex

    Amphenol Connex designs and manufactures cable connectors including a number of RF connector-types. The company's product line includes MMCX connectors, MCX connectors, SMA connectors, BNC connectors, TNC connectors, 7/16 connectors, UHF/Mini-UHF connectors, twin-BNC connectors, D-sub connectors, and FME connectors.

  • Quail Electronics

    Quail Electronics produces power cords, power strips, plugs and adapters for the OEM industry.