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Circular connectors are round shaped connectors most commonly used in electronics applications.

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  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    HiRel Connectors, Inc. offers a variety of circular connectors, including: Mil-Spec, Micro & Micro D, Hermetic, Filtered, and Environmental. MIL-DTL-38999 Series connectors have operating temperatures ranging from -85 to +392°F, contact sizes ranging from 22D to 12, a continuous axial load range from 10 to 25 lbs, a minimum of 500 mating cycles, and DC test amperage ranging from 1.5 to 23. These connectors have a class C, K, W, and Y corrosion resistance that can withstand 500 hours of salt spray. They are fluid resistant to oils, coolants, solvents, and other fuels.

  • KeyWolf

    KeyWolf is a global supplier of electrical connectors to the medical, aerospace, racing and oil & gas industries among others. KeyWolf's ultra-compact, ultra-light metal circular connectors offer a high-performance, rugged solution for your application. Gold-plated copper alloy contacts and a corrosion resistant finish provide high reliability in harsh and extreme environments conditions.

  • Estco Enterprises

    Estco Enterprises offers circular connectors in signal, push-pull, and power configurations. Signal connectors have amp ratings ranging from 8 to 20, voltages ranging from 150 to 400, temperatures ranging from -40 to 257°F, and wire gauges ranging from 28 to 12 AWG. Push-pull connectors have a panel mounted/dual function, locking grooves, and can be easily connected/disconnected even under restricted working conditions. M23 Power connectors have contacts ranging from 2 to 6, amp ratings ranging from 8 to 28, voltages from 300 to 800, and wire gauge ranges from 24 to 12 AWG.

  • Air Electro, Inc.

    Air Electro, Inc. offers 8525 Series Hermetically Sealed and 8525 Series Aluminum Sealed circular connectors. 8525 Series Hermetically Sealed connectors have male contact types, large flange 02 H version backshell types, and the following shell types: jam nut receptacle, square flange receptacle, and solder fixing receptacle. 8525 Series Aluminum Sealed circular connectors come with #16 minicoax contacts, RFI shielding plugs, and it comes in environmental stainless steel versions upon request. Shell types offered include: plug, jam nut receptacle, square flange receptacle, and RFI shielded plug.

  • AMETEK HCC Industries

    AMETEK HCC Industries offers circular connectors for the aerospace and defense industries. Rugged Gigabit Ethernet circular connectors are available in MIL-C-24321 and D389999 configurations. They are ETL certified to CAT 6 and TIA/EIA 568 CAT 5E. HSC Series MIL-C-19572 connectors have contact sizes ranging from 16 to 20, Amps ranging from 7.5 to 17, a maximum drop potential of 0.020 V, and up to 675 pressures equivalent to 50,000 ft.

  • Sabritec

    Sabritec offers their HDMC series of high density miniature circular connectors. These products offer the performance of a MIL-DTL-38999 connector in a smaller size (size 23 crimp removable contacts, size 12 high frequency coax (MDHC) contacts, size 10 high speed twinax).