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  • Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

    Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. offers standard SMA Series, SMA Series 27.0 GHz, and SMA Series 26.5 GHz connectors. SMA Series 27.0 GHz precision connectors feature operating temperatures through +165 degrees C, diameters ranging from 0.018" to 0.036", and RF leakage ratings less than -100 dB. SMA Series 26.5 GHz connectors come with Teflon or air matching sections, and they can be ordered with conductive EMI gaskets.

  • E-Z Hook, A Div. of Tektest, Inc.

    E-Z Hook offers a wide range of SMA connector models, including: Item #9245 SMA male to SMA male adapter, Item #9244 SMA male to BNC male adapter, Item #9216 SMA female to BNC male adapter, Item #8929 SMA male stainless steel (for RG174/U cables), and Item #8921 SMA male (for RG174/U cables). Item #9216 SMA female to BNC male adapter PCI connectors feature 50 ohms resistance ratings and 1000 VRMS nominal impedance ratings. These connectors are constructed from Teflon, brass, beryllium copper, and gold plated materials.

  • Lighthorse Technologies Inc

    Lighthorse Technologies, Inc. offers SMA connectors in a wide range of configurations, including: thru-hole PCB, end launch PCB, edge mount PCB, SMA cable solder, and SMA cable crimp. These connectors feature 50 OHM impedance ratings, insulation resistance ratings starting at 5000M, working voltages ranging from 250 to 500V, and 3.0M maximum contact resistance ratings. They are constructed from annealed copper, silicone rubber, Teflon, beryllium copper, brass, and gold materials.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Digi-Key Corp. offers SMA Series coaxial RF connectors in the following types: receptacle/female sockets, plug/male pins, plug/female sockets, jack/male pins, and jack/female sockets. These connectors feature snap-on/threaded fasteners, 50 Ohm impedance ratings, frequencies ranging from 3 to 40 GHz, and right angle, through-hole, or free-hanging mounting options. They are available with a wide range of contact terminations, including: press-fit, single crimp, dual crimp, compression, solder, turret, solder cup, twist-on, etc.

  • Show Me Cables

    Show Me Cables offers offers terminator, solder, female, and crimp SMA connectors in a wide range of configurations. These connectors can be ordered in male or female gender options, and they come in straight, right angle, chassis mount, or bulked forms.

  • Amphenol RF

    Amphenol RF offers stainless steel, brass, reverse polarity, and phase adjustable SMA connectors for the following applications: PC/LAN, component, telecommunications, aerospace, military, cable assembly, process control, instrumentation, and base station applications. These connectors are built in accordance with CECC 22110/111 and MIL-C-39012 specifications. Stainless steel SMA connectors feature frequencies ranging from 0 to 18 GHz, voltages ranging from 58 to 500V, 5,000 MΩ in insulation resistance, and temperature ranges from -65 to +165°C.

  • Linx Technologies, Inc.

    Linx Technologies, Inc. offers SMA connectors constructed from gold, nickel, copper, Teflon, beryllium copper, brass, and stainless steel materials. These connectors feature 50 Ohm impedance ratings, frequencies ranging from 0 to 18 GHz, working voltages up to 500 Volts, and 5,000 megohms minimum insulation resistance ratings. They can handle temperatures ranging from -65 to 165°C, and they comply with MIL-STD-202 specifications.

  • Tessco

    Tessco offers SMA male and female connectors in a wide range of configurations. Model CON-18-240-CP TerraWave male SMA connectors can handle frequencies up to 18 GHz, they have 6.5mm crimp connections, and a Teflon, beryllium copper gold, and brass gold construction.

  • CDM Electronics, Inc.

    CDM Electronics, Inc. offers SMA connectors in a wide range of configurations. E-Line brass SMA connectors come in sizes ranging from 0.500 x 0.340 x 0.102 to 0.625 x 0.481 x 0.102, they have 5 or 92 mounting figures, and a gold plated construction.

  • Casco Manufacturing

    Casco Manufacturing offers multi-conductor, dual, and Twinax coaxial cable connectors. Connector styles offered include: LLC, F-Plug, N-Connector, TNC, UHF, SMB, SMA, etc. They are available in right angle styles and in custom bundling designs.

  • SRI Connector Gage Co.

    SRI Connector Gage Co. offers ZMA, TNC, SMA, N, and 1.85-3.5mm RF/microwave connectors. 1.85mm connectors feature 4 in-oz contact torques, 50 Ohm normal impedance ratings, frequencies ranging from 40 to 65 GHz, and temperatures ranging from -55 to +100°C. These connectors comply with MIL-STD-202 specifications, they are not hermetically sealed, and they are durable up to 500 cycles/min.

  • Aerotronics

    Aerotronics offers SMA connectors for telecommunications industry applications.