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Coaxial connectors connect coaxial cables which are used to transmit a variety of computer, video and audio signals.

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  • Sabritec

    Sabritec offers a line of RF coaxial connectors, including SCX, MDHC, SMPM, MDCX, grounded circular, SMP and torque isolation connectors. Contacts include MIL-DTL-38999, ARINC 404, ARINC 600 and high frequency contacts. Applications include avionics, navigation and communication systems, satellites for the military, commercial, space and telecom.

  • E-Z Hook, A Div. of Tektest, Inc.

    E-Z Hook offers BNC, N Series, SMA, UHF, TNC, LOC, and XLR coaxial connectors. Also offered are coax connectors that are adaptable from one coaxial connector style to another. Types of connectors include TNC, BNC, “N” Series, binding posts, double banana plugs, etc.

  • HiRel Connectors Inc

    HiRel Connectors offers a variety of coaxial connector types, including Mil-Spec, micro D and micro circular, hermetic, environmental, and filtered types. Also offered are cable and harness assemblies, backshells, tools and accessories.

  • RF Connectors

    RF Connectors manufactures and designs RF coaxial connectors used in the wireless telecommunications industry. Types include WiFi, PCS, radio, computer networks, test instruments and antenna devices. Coax connector types include BNC, F, FME, MCX, MHV, MMCX, N, QMA, RCA, SMA, SMB, SSMB, TNC, and many more. Also available are coaxial adapters and kits.

  • Gourmet Electronics, Ltd.

    Gourmet Electronics offers coaxial connectors in MMCX, MCX, SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, N, 7/16, UHF, F, twin, D-sub, FME, and many other configurations. Shielded terminators, strain relief boots, and between series adapters are also available.

  • C. W. Swift & Associates, Inc.

    C. W. Swift & Associates is a distributor of coaxial connectors from Connectronics, Dynawave, Huber Suhner, AEP, Radiall, RF Industries, SRI Connector Gage, and SV Microwave.

  • AMETEK HCC Industries

    HCC Industries offers coaxial circular connectors in many Mil-Spec configurations, including MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-C-25955, MIL-DTL-83723, MIL-C-81703, and others.