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Coaxial connectors connect coaxial cables which are used to transmit a variety of computer, video and audio signals.

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  • L-com

    L-com features coaxial cable, coaxial connectors, RF cable and other coax products like SMA connectors, adapters, and tools. Coax interfaces include SMA, BNC, Type F, TNC, SMB, RCA, MCX, MC-Card and more.

  • Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

    Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. offers whatever you need in RF coaxial connectors, from SMP connectors to large high-power types such as LC and LT. Types include BMA, BMMA, BNC, C, GHV, HN, MCX, MMCX, MIL-PRF-39012 QPL, MIL-PRF-55339 QPL, MCX, MHV, N, QMA, SHV, SMA, TNC, and many others.

  • Dynawave Inc.

    Dynawave is a designer and manufacturer of standard and special, RF, coaxial and microwave DC-60GHz connectors, adapters, blindmate connector components, and cable assemblies. Dynawave services the defense, microwave, RF and wireless industries.