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  • Amphenol RF

    Amphenol are manufacturers of TNC coaxial connectors featuring screw threads for mating. These are miniature, threaded weatherproof connectors with a constant 50 ohm impedance. They operate from 0-11 GHz. TNC connectors come in standard and reverse polarity.

  • Pasternack Enterprises

    Most Pasternack TNC connectors are RoHS and REACH compliant and will terminate to coax, PCB or terminal. They are manufactured in male or female threads, in standard or reverse polarity, with 50 ohm impedance. Products are available in straight or right angle versions, bulkhead, 4 hole panel or mountless options.

  • Tessco

    Tessco are suppliers of TNC male crimp connectors from Times Microwave, Terrawave, Emerson Network Power, RF Industries, Amphenol, and others. TNC connectors are miniature size and feature a threaded coupling nut for applications through 7 GHz.

  • Molex

    Molex offers TNC miniature RF connectors for high vibration and harsh environments. TNC miniature connectors perform at a constant 50 ohm impedance and operate from DC to 11 GHz.

  • L-com

    L-com offers coaxial TNC connectors in male or female crimp and twist-on (50 and 75 ohm), female bulkhead, male right angle (50 and 75 ohm), and reverse polarity crimp in both plug and jack styles.

  • Altex Computers & Electronics

    Altex are suppliers of TNC connectors. Types include 3-piece crimp (male and female), 3-piece reverse polarity (male and female), 3-piece male 11 GHz, and male solder connector.

  • Lighthorse Technologies Inc

    LTI offers TNC cable crimp connectors in male and female (bulkhead and panel mount), male plugs, female jacks, TNC thru-hole PCB connectors, non-cable mount connectors, and adapters.

  • PI Manufacturing Corp

    PI Manufacturing offers TNC crimp type connectors in both male and female, reverse polarity crimp type in male and female, female bulkhead crimp type, reverse polarity female bulkhead crimp type, male and female clamp type, male twist-on type, female bulkhead solder type, female to female bulkhead adapter, and TNC female to female.

  • Huber + Suhner, Inc.

    Huber + Suhner offer TNC connectors in threaded ad reverse polarity configurations. Threaded RF connectors (50 ohm) are applicable from DC up to 11 GHz.

  • Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

    Delta TNC connectors are 50 ohm impedance with 7/16-28 threaded coupling. They conform to MIL-PRF-39012. These TNC connectors are designed for use with cables in the range of .150" to .250" diameter, but are available for semi-rigid and flexible cables from .085" to over .75" diameter.

  • Precision Connector Inc

    PCI offers TNC and TNCA connectors for microwave and RF applications. Features include performance up to 12.4 GHz for TNC and 18 GHz for TNCA. Products utilize overlapping PTFE dielectric for increased voltage breakdown and feature low VSWR and insertion loss.

  • SV Microwave

    SV Microwave TNC products are miniature, threaded weatherproof units with 50 Ohm impedance and operate at DC to 11 GHz. Features include a threaded coupling that offers extra mating stability. Applications include Mil-Aero, instrumentation, and cable assemblies.

  • San-Tron, Inc.

    San-tron's TNC connectors and adapters are available in male and female for cables with diameters from 0.150 to 0.250" (versions are also available for cables with diameters from 0.094" to 0.420"), and as receptacles with bulkhead, panel, threaded, and press-fit mountings.

  • Samtec

    Samtec offers TNC 50 Ohm RF connectors and components. Jack and plug types are available in bulkhead, through-hole, or cable termination.

  • Bomar Interconnect Products

    Bomar TNC Series connectors are miniature sized, weatherproof, and are designed for use from DC to 18 GHz, in vibration exposed equipment such as commercial and military radio telecommunications systems and avionics equipment. Other applications include computer and medical equipment and test instrumentation.