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Applications include screw terminals, quick disconnect terminals, wire splices, fast-on and spade foot type terminals.

Applications include screw terminals, quick disconnect terminals, wire splices, fast-on and spade foot type terminals.

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  • Keltron Connector Co.

    Keltron are manufacturers of high density D-Sub crimp connectors (housings). Options include 15-78 positions, and plug (male) or socket (female) genders. Hardware options include various clinch nut sizes (mm) on solder and contact sides, and mounting holes.

  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.

    MSC Industrial is a distributor of coaxial cable crimp connectors in SMA, SMB, MMCX and MCX types. Choose from either straight or right angle crimp connectors.

  • Positronic Industries Inc

    Positronics are manufacturers of crimp connectors with thermocouple contact options. Available types include standard density D-Sub, high density D-sub, combination D-Sub, environmentally sealed D-Sub, circular, and high density rectangular crimp connectors.

  • ETCO

    ETCO offers a crimp ear design for electrical terminals that can be crimped on stranded or solid wire. These crimp connectors meet or exceed UL 310 specifications and eliminate the need for soldering and welding. They can be made in configurations from .008” to 0.900” thick with tolerances to plus or minus 0.002”.

  • Cables To Go

    Cables To Go is a distributor of crimp connectors in BNC and male configurations. BNC types are single crimp connectors for RG6/U or RG59/U coax cable. Male types are crimp-on connectors for plenum-rated cable.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries offers crimp terminals, connectors and splices. Crimp connectors are offered in pre-insulated, steel and splice cap configurations. Crimp terminals are available in fully insulated, non-insulated, and vinyl insultated configurations.

  • TE Connectivity

    TE Connectivity are manufacturers of discrete wire crimp connectors in less than 5 amp, greater than 5 amp/less than 10 amp, greater than 10 amp/less than 20 amp, and greater than 20 amp circuit maximum configurations. Types include vibration proof, miniature CT, pin and socket, single lead PC, terminals, mass termination, and other styles.

  • Jameco Electronics

    Jameco Electronics are distributors of Molex crimp connectors in many different terminals and housings. They provide wire-to-board connection for rugged applications and high vibration environments.

  • Fischer Connectors

    Fischer Connectors are designers, manufacturers and distributors of crimp connectors (contacts) that are used in high volume applications. Crimp contacts are not available in sealed or hermetic connectors and only accept a limited range of wire sizes.

  • Hardware Specialty Co., Inc.

    Hardware Specialty Co. are distributors of crimp terminals and lugs from 3M, AMP, Burndy, Concord Electronics, Hollingsworth, Molex, Panduit, Raychem, Thomas & Betts, Tyco Electronics (TE), and Zierick.

  • Demsey Mfg. Co.

    Dempsey Manufacturing offers crimp type connectors, as well as aircraft, automotive, ceramic to metal coaxial, fiber optic, and electric connectors.

  • Aerotronics

    Aerotronics manufactures space grade components and contacts, including crimp, PCB tail, wire wrap and solder cup contacts for most connectors used in the aerospace industry (MIL-C-26500, MIL-C-38999 and Micro-D).

  • Koehlke Components

    Koehlke is a distributor of FCT crimp connectors, as well as D-Sub, low profile, filter, IDC ribbon, waterproof, shielded right angle, and EN 60603/DIN 41612 FCT connectors.

  • MS Electronix, Inc.

    MS Electronix is a source for military spec connectors, including MIL-C-24308 D-Sub crimp connectors in shell sizes of A, B, C, D and E, and pin or socket contact styles. Total contacts available range from 9 - 50.

  • Central Connectors, Inc.

    Central Connectors offers connectors for aviation, aerospace, communication, military-defense, computer and industrial uses. Crimp connectors are offered in MIL-C-26482/1 and MIL-C-5015.

  • Black Box Corporation

    Black Box offers HD-15 crimp connectors that accept snap-in pins and have holes for screw locks.