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DIN connectors are a type of standardized connector used for digital signals, analog audio and various computing uses.

A family of circular connectors that were standardized by the German national standards organization, DIN connectors are utilized for a number of industrial applications within the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, production, electronics industries. Typically DIN connectors used within industrial environments are smaller connector types that can handle a number of demanding applications. There are seven common DIN connector patterns, with any number of pins from three to eight. The number of pins can be higher than eight depending on DIN connector type, model and intended application. Types of DIN connectors include: miniature, sub-miniature, D-subminiature, micro-miniature, multi-pin rectangular, panel interface, solenoid valve, and coaxial.

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  • Electronic Connector Service (ECS)

    Manufacturers of various DIN Connectors: TYPE B, B/2, B/3, Q, Q/2, Q/3, C, C/2, C/3; EXTENDED TYPE C. TYPE R, R/2, R/3; EXTENDED TYPE R, TYPE CD, CD/2, RD, RD/2, E, E/2, TE, TE/2, and M. Available in straight female, straight male, R/A female, or Right Angle male.

  • Kycon

    Various circular DIN connectors available: Right Angle PCB Mount Receptacle (3-8 contacts, shielded or non-shielded, 5mm-10mm pitch, regular or high temp thermoplastic) and Metal Shell Panel Mount Receptacle (5-8 contacts).

  • Lumberg USA

    DIN connectors of many types available such as  valves (form A, B and C) and various circular and mini  connectors according to DIN 455321, mating compatible to IEC 60130-9 for signal and load currents up to 4 A.

  • Conec Corp.

    Combination connectors in accordance with DIN EN 60603 (DIN 41612). The design allows a combination of signal, high current, high voltage and coaxial contacts. A variety of different configurations are available in both male and female configurations. Standard termination types such as PCB solder tails, solder cup, wire wrap tails  and straight right angle are available.

  • Tyco Flow Control

    Manufacturer of DIN connectors, including: Shielded circular, Shielded miniature (mini) circula, Type C coax with standard DIN contacts, Amp 2-4 position circular connector to DIN 72585, Communications type R and type C Eurocard connectors (DIN 41612 and IEC 603-2)

  • Canfield Connector

    DIN Connectors: 43650/ISO 4400 Solenoid Sub-Micro; Molded Solenoid; Built-In Surge Suppression; Multiple Control, Special Electronic Circuit, Male, and Built-In Rectifier Connectors.

  • Norstat Inc.

    DIN connectors: 43650 18 mm solenoid valve connectors.  43650 11 mm solenoid valve connectors. Micro-mini 9.4 mm solenoid valve connectors. Micro-mini 8.0 mm solenoid valve connectors. Molded cable assemblies available with 3 or 5 meter cable lengths, 3-4 poles, 0 to 250 VAC/DC, 12 to 24 DC, 110 to 120 VAC. Pre-wired molded connectors and field wireable connectors available.

  • Digi-Key Corp.

    Distributor of many types of DIN connectors all accessible through an intuitive spec search that allows the user to specify in detail the type of connector required for their particular application.  Wide variety of specifications available.

  • Mencom Corporation

    DIN connectors available include form A, B, and C. Also available are Industry Forms B and C.  All Available with several varieties of circuit configurations.

  • 3M

    Manufacturers of DIN Connectors. 41612 Socket - 2 row type B (rows A & B filled), board mount socket, available option is the 3435-1 keying plug. 41612 Header (Rectangular Plug) - rows A & B filled, high density (64 position), accepts 3435-1 keying plug system . Solder tail options. Also, Eurosocket Type C and Eurosocket .100" X .100" version available.

  • Cables To Go

    Din Connectors: 5 Pin and 6 Pin Connectors and 4 Pin, 6 Pin & 8 Pin Mini. Available in male and female configurations and arranged in a round format. Applications include keyboard, mouse, video, and Apple computers.


    DIN connectors: 4-conductor male inline mini, 8-conductor male inline mini , 5-pin female right-angle PC mount, 6-pin PC mount , 7-pin female inline , 3-pin male cable-mount.

  • AVX Corp.

    Manufacturers of various DIN connectors: Male and female, 2-5 rows, up to 160 contacts, style B, C, D, E, F, G, H, M, Q, R, and IDC connectors. 1/2 and 1/3 press fits available for some.

  • ERNI Electronic Inc

    DIN 41612 / IEC 60603-2 Connectors, available in IDC Female For Cables, Right Angle Female  For Daughter Cards, Right Angle Male  For Daughter Cards, Vertical Female  For Backplanes and Vertical Male  For Backplanes.

  • Automation Direct

    DIN rail Terminal Block Connectors: Standard Screw (DINectors) and Screwless Terminal Blocks. Terminal Block types available include feed-through, multi-level, mini, ground, fuse, disconnect or direct mount. Screwless DIN-rail Terminal Block Types available include Single-level feed-through, Double-level, Screwless One-Connection to Two-Connection, Screwless Two-Connection to Two-Connection, Screwless knife-blade disconnect terminal, & Screwless Ground Terminal Blocks. DIN-rail types are 35 mm slotted, 35 mm slotted high (deep-dish) & 15 mm slotted.

  • CUI Inc

    CUI offers a full range of standard DIN connectors with a variety of mounting options. In-line plug, locking plug, in-line receptacle, locking receptacle, right angle plug, right angle receptacle, right angle receptacle with front shield, surface mount right angle receptacle, standard panel mount receptacle and vertical PCB mount receptacle.

  • Connect-Tech Products

    Various Mini DIN Connectors: Mini-DIN Jacks (mostly gold flash contacts, 4-9 position, shielded and dual high available) and Mini Plugs (4-9 position, some with nickel plated terminals).

  • L-com

    Mini (miniature) front mount bulkhead jack to flying leads and Mini rear mount bulkhead jack to flying leads DIN Connectors. Machined adaptors utilize 4, 6, or 8 26 AWG color coded wires for chassis termination.

  • Keltron Connector Co.

    Din connectors:  "B" form plug & socket (standard) , "C" form plug (standard),  "C" form socket (standard),  "R" form plug (inverse),  "R" form socket (inverse), jack panel mount,  jack PCB side entry.

  • Shokai Far East, Ltd.

    DIN plug and jacks available as shielded or unshielded, standard or mini. Many other connectors types also available including fiber optic, circuit board & USB.