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DIN connectors are a type of standardized connector used for digital signals, analog audio and various computing uses.

A family of circular connectors that were standardized by the German national standards organization, DIN connectors are utilized for a number of industrial applications within the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, production, electronics industries. Typically DIN connectors used within industrial environments are smaller connector types that can handle a number of demanding applications. There are seven common DIN connector patterns, with any number of pins from three to eight. The number of pins can be higher than eight depending on DIN connector type, model and intended application. Types of DIN connectors include: miniature, sub-miniature, D-subminiature, micro-miniature, multi-pin rectangular, panel interface, solenoid valve, and coaxial.

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  • Norstat Inc.

    DIN connectors: 43650 18 mm solenoid valve connectors.  43650 11 mm solenoid valve connectors. Micro-mini 9.4 mm solenoid valve connectors. Micro-mini 8.0 mm solenoid valve connectors. Molded cable assemblies available with 3 or 5 meter cable lengths, 3-4 poles, 0 to 250 VAC/DC, 12 to 24 DC, 110 to 120 VAC. Pre-wired molded connectors and field wireable connectors available.